Kiana V Unveils New Music Video for "Sweet Release"

Filipino singer-songwriter Kiana V is set to captivate audiences with the release of her latest music video for her single, "Sweet Release." This highly anticipated video showcases Kiana's multifaceted talent as she steps into roles behind the camera, adding to her repertoire of artistic achievements.

The music video for "Sweet Release" was a collaborative family endeavor, directed by Kiana herself alongside Gab Valenciano and MJ Arda. The director of photography (DOP) was Gabriel Valenciano, ensuring every frame was captured with precision and artistry. The editing of the video was meticulously handled by Kiana V, adding a personal touch to the visual storytelling.

MJ Arda, who also served as co-director, brought his expertise in choreography, creating captivating dance sequences performed by the talented ATeam dancers: Nica Santos, Ysai Castro, Angel Datanagan, and Mich Rosales. Their synchronized movements and dynamic energy add a vibrant layer to the music video, making it a visual feast for viewers.

The creative vision of the video was spearheaded by Kiana V, 

PMPC Star Awards for Music’s Best Female R&B recording artist for 2022, showcasing her versatility and depth as an artist. John Lozano's styling, Booya's makeup artistry, and Patty Cristobal's hair styling all contributed to the stunning visual aesthetics of the video. 

Adding support to the project were Soundcheck, GVProductions Inc and Manila Genesis. 

"Sweet Release" is not just a music video; it is a testament to the power of collaboration and the boundless creativity of Kiana V and her team. Fans can expect a mesmerizing visual experience that perfectly complements the soulful and evocative tones of the song. 

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