Weeekly Bring "Bliss" to the Summer with 6th Mini Album


On July 9, girl group Weeekly returned with their 6th mini album "Bliss" with music video for the title track 'LIGHTS ON.' 

‘LIGHTS ON’ is a dance song with a strong groovy rhythm and bright, dynamic arrangement. The passion and cool energy of summer are expressed in a pleasant way, and you can feel Weeekly's  charm.

'LIGHTS ON' Music Video 

Additionally a showcase was held for the release of the album. 

"I wanted to release a summer song, and since this is everyone's first album after entering their 20s, I put a lot of effort into the preparation process for this album.

“It’s filled with good songs, and I hope people will look at it well as it’s an album that marks the beginning of Weekly’s 20s.” This activity is Weekly's first summer comeback since its debut.

 “The members have often talked about their aspirations to become ‘Summer Queen.’ It took a long time to make a comeback, but we prepared really hard to make sure it wasn't in vain. “I worked hard to prepare it with the desire to give a cool summer gift.”

- Monday

Jaehee said, 

“There was a gap of about 8 months, and we put a lot of effort into discussing what kind of songs the public would like, and as a result, the gap became longer. “Please look forward to it as I have grown and come back through hard personal practice!"

Listen to "Bliss"

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