AsianPopAddict #127 Nugu Corner: ChAOS

(In photo from left to right; Taeyang, Dongmin Hyunsun, Heejae and Duhwan) 

As promised here are the links mentioned in this week's APOPA radio show for the Nugu Corner segment featuring male group ChAOS. Sorry I am posting this a little later than planned, it's been a busy week for me and I nearly forgot, oh shyt~

·        ChAOS is a male 5 member group, from Winning InSight entertainment. Which is the same company as the underrated but incredibility vocally talented girl group Piggy Dolls. The most well-known group from that company is Norazo popular songs for their ironic song like Superman & Curry and Rock Star. Chaos, like their sunbaes are also talented singers. The group debuted January 6th of this year.

-    Profiles- 
The leader is Park Taeyang, his birthday is March 31, 1988, which is like a month older than I am, so I’m reaching to call him “oppa”. He is 6ft tall, he appeared in a drama called “Aquarius” in 08, and recently made a cameo in the Gong Yoo drama “Big”. The other members think he is the most handsome member. Around 2006 he and the current leader of the Group Boyfriend, Donghyun participated in a reality show called “Conduct Zero” which is similar to that show Girl’s Generation had called “Dangerous Boys”. Where they take a group of ratchet or delinquent teenaged boys and attempt to turn their life around to more positive. It also includes supporting them in pursuing the entertainment industry. So by Korean standards, he has a little bit of an edge to him, for dem gurls who like dem bad boys. Though he has likely grew out of that phase already.

 At the time of Chaos’ debut there was a bit of controversy with Big Bang fans, simply because they didn’t like that his name was Taeyang. So that is why they use his whole name Park Taeyang. The whole thing is ridiculous because Park Taeyang was born earlier than Big Bang’s Taeyang and it is his real name while Big Bang’s Taeyang real name is actually YoungBae but the whole issue is dumb in the first place. (laughs) netizens are always looking for a way to keep nugus down. (laughs) In another relation to YG though, in an old music video he plays the ex-boyfriend of Park Bom and they share a lil kiss scene.

He has already served in the s.korean army predebut and that’s where he meet the next member of Chaos, Hyunsun. Hyunsun is 24, born June 22nd, ’88. Some of his hobbies include wakeboarding and watching movies and he likes to exercise. He is the rapper.  With a solid and strong voice. Which is funny because I think he is the “prettiest” member especial with the long blonde hair that he recently cut.

Next is Heejae, 22 years old born July 15, 1990 he is a vocalist, he said if he wasn’t a singer he would have become a soccer player. I believe he is known as the “cute” acting guy among the members. He is seen as the team mom, He wakes up first and helps gets the other ones up to get ready for the day.

Next is Dongmin, 20, born February 28th’92 is a vocalist. He likes fishing and reading and reading and he plays guitar, He is known as having a “cold” appearance, but contrary to that he is actually very warmhearted.

Finally the Maknae, Duhwan, 19 years old, born January 13, 1993. He is the main vocalist and sings with a strong and deep voice. They say he is very considerate for his age, and would even care for his hyungs over himself. All the other members in the group selected him, to date their younger sister if they had one. He was also the member voted to have the best body. I made a gif to post, so you can judge that for yourself. Even though he is the youngest, I personally think he looks the most mature out of the group. 

For more of my rambling about this group listen to the rest in the APOPA podcast,  you can get it here .

"Racer" Live Performance

English speaking audience directed interview

More information and updates about this group at 

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