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F.Cuz originated as a four membered group, debuting in January 2010 under CAN Entertainment, that is home company to ballad group Monday Kidz, and female singers Jung Hye Jin and Simone.  With the parting of member LeeU a year ago, probably cuz his famous trot singer father was like u should just cut these nugus loose or something. They promoted as a trio in Japan for a while and this year, the group added 2 new members to become the 5 member group we see promoting today.

This group has the most fanclub names I have ever seen for an idol group. Collectively they are called “For U” That then is split into two groups; Runway for Korean and International fans, which probably consist of around 20 people. They use the name Runway because all the members are tall and handsome like models. In a lot of nugu cases, some nugus have a specific country that for whatever reason they are really popular there, like Columbia, Russia, Malaysia or somewhere like they country pretty much claims them since Korea don’t give a damn, F.cuz’s happens to be Taiwan. The Taiwanese fanbase is called F1 and the Japanese fanbase is called F.antasia. Official color is fans “twinkle light silver” whatever that looks like. They have record deals with both Seed Music in Taiwan and Universal Music in Japan.
The group’s oldest member and leader is Jinon 23, Born January 13th 1989, and registered as July 13th, He is the rapper, his hobbies include rapping, watching movies and he is very athletic. He was a regular on Dream Team 2. His skills are dancing, rapping and acting. I saw him the drama “A Man Called God”. He was also in Cinderella Man and Comrades. I believe he used to be in CCM entertainment pre-debut since he starred in an old SG Wannabe music video along-side pre-debut T-ara’s Eunjung and He was in a project group to debut with the most of the members of Supernova.

 He is known to bare a striking resemblance to the actor Kwon Sang Woo, (of Volcano High, Stairway to Heaven, 71 Into the Fire) I agree with this, it’s almost scary how much they look alike. (lol)

Next is the new Main Vocalist Daegun. Born October 27, 1990, 21 years old. He likes to listen to music and play soccer. He’s good at singing, playing piano, and cooking. He is responsible for cooking for the members. Even though Jinon cooks well too. His favorite singer is Musiq Soulchild. He was previously in Xing Entertainment and debuted in A-Peace (that 21 member guy group) then wisely escaped, like many other male idols have before. He likes to eat midnight snacks but always goes for morning jogs to maintain his weight.  

The Next new addition to F.Cuz, is Raehyun, Born June 8th 1991, 21 years old. A vocalist, his hobbies include, taekwondo, boxing, watching movies and listening to old music and he is skilled in acrobatics. He appeared in some dramas such as Gloria, Over the Rainbow, Beautiful Life and so on. He does F.Cuz’s laundry, according to the other members he loves his mommy and is constantly on the phone with his parents. 

Kan, Born September 30, 1991, 20 years old, is the Main dancer and a vocalist. He has a nice voice, but he is considered the team Visual, he is indeed very uniquely handsome. He likes drawing and photography, he is skilled in composition. Rain-oppa is his favorite artist. His mother created his stage name, meaning King of Asian New Star. (lmfao) He appeared in dramas Soul, Assorted Gems and Athena. He is the least talkative of the members. He is the best at foreign languages in the group.

Yejun, the maknae, born February 4th 1992, 20 years old. He’s the lead vocalist occasionally raps. He likes watching movies, listening to music, shopping and surfing the web. He does musicals and writes lyrics. He is in charge of waking the members up in the morning, his nickname is black angel, cuz even though he is cute he teases his fans by denying them aegyo. He has a tattoo on his chest that says “The merit of an action lies in finishing it to the end.” I’ll post a photo in my blog.

We’re done with the profiles, so now for some quick facts. All of the members of F.Cuz except Daegun attended the same arts high school. With Raehyun, Kan and Yejun all graduating in the same class and Jinon is their senior, I suspect he was the same class as Beast’s Junhyung. When Jinon attended there Mblaq’s Seungho was his senior and Jinon says their nickname for him was, "the devil"  and even today you can see Jinon showing Seungho a lot of respect and almost fear. (lol) I was like wow this bigass dude is scared of Seungho, that’s hilarious. They say other groups they are close with are Ukiss, The Boss, Bebe Mignon, the new Jewelry and other flops.

Here’s some tea, cuz just because I am promoting the group doesn’t mean I’m just going to say a bunch of flowery things about them. It is boring for idols to try to show prim and perfect images all the time. This group is pretty good about being maybe a little “too honest” Jinon admits that he once became an obsessive boyfriend after the girl complained to him that he didn’t care for her enough. It got to the point where the girl took a restraining order out on him. Some people were like, why would you admit that, but well I hope he learned his lesson. Youngest member Yejun confessed that he had bouts with anorexia symptoms predebut, and probably during the Midnight Sun era. I’m not sure. Also member Jinon also had something similar. So yeah oppas are sometimes indeed manarexic, I’m glad they brought it to media attention so people can be aware that men do get this.

 Shame on the company for forcing them to battle with food like that back then, and I’m sure they aren’t the only ones. It is mean of me to say this but, I sometimes nickname them “Infirmery-dols” cuz before or during every Korean Comeback something happens to one of the members. Either an injury or an illness even one member Kan got into a rather serious car accident that he needed to recover from. Even this current promo was pushed back a bit because if Jinon’s leg injury. Some fans even say they may be cursed. Yeah cursed to stay nugus in korea. While they are topping charts in Japan and Taiwan.

They have like 13 music videos out, 3 version of the Jiggy MV, lol 4 Japanese Music videos, 2 music videos with the 2 new members. Which I will briefly talk about. The first one, “called Number 1” is modern dance track, it video shows a young woman, kicking some ass and saving the members from, who? I don’t friggin know, but it’s very cool & unique, the glow in the dark suit dance sequence was interesting too.

Their newest song which they are promoting right now is called “Dreaming Child” it is a rather uplifting, sort of inspirational like song, and the video is probably them looking at their younger delinquent-like selves. Oppas on these streets have hair mc flurries and snow cones these. F.Cuz is no exemption. The banning hammer shows its ass again and actually bans this MV with reason given that it could corrupt school kids. Such as those hair colors aren’t allowed in schools and other bullshit like that. Well duh.~~ Just another way to keep Nugus down.

They have a good amount of shows you can watch to get to know them or see them interact with other idols. They have a youtube account where they upload stuff, like fanchats and what-not but nobody really watches them. They all have twitters, non of them follow me, thank goodness, but they say they check every mention and even look at profiles to see what other groups the fan likes and gets jealous.

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