[List] Creepy Kpop Music Videos 2012

It's that time of the year again, where we mention the spooky stuff. Many know I'm not a scary movie fan at all, but that never stopped me from making these lists. Here is my 4th edition of  creepy, unsettling at least dark-nature type of Kpop music videos. Read my 3rd list of creepy Kpop videos here. The first two lists were posted on sites that do not exist  anymore, sorry. No particular order, enjoy. 

F.I.X - "She's My Girl" 2012

If you have to kill me to keep me to yourself, I think I'll pass. 

Miss A - "Touch" 2012

Reminds me of good ol' fashion Asian horror cinema without the horror. 

Dalmatian - "E.R" 2012

Gurl over here kissing dead bodies. I know they're handsome but....

Shinee - "Sherlock" 2012

Those outfits, I mean the ghost of Jessica dropping clues around.

Big Bang - "Monster" 2012

Taeyang's whoville hair, basically.

Qwala - "Stimpack ft. New Champ" 2011

New Champ oppa is such a psycho, but I guess I love him for it. 

Nell - "The Day Before" 2012 

Woollim Ent always bring it with wonderful and creative themes, even when they are upsetting when you really think about it. Probably brought on by the CEO's obsession with noir films which is seen in most of Infinite's MVs.

11 Medical Sound - "Vampire" 2010

I'm upset that I only undercover this group earlier this year.

A-JAX - "Never Let Go" 2012


2Bic - "Made Another Girl Cry"

I think ya'll need to burn that house down....

E.via - "Insanity Love" 2012

I'm still embarrassingly squeamish at the 'bloody kiss'.

GDragon - "That XX"

While visually stunning, it really just looks like he's creepin' on a young girl. (lol)

What are some videos that you find creepy?  

Ciera Reeves

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