APOPA #130 Nugu Corner: D-Unit

(from left to right: Zin, Ram and UJin)

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RAM, or WooRam, 25 years old, born September 21th 1987 is the leader, main vocal and rap. She is the daughter of singer Jeon Young Rok and actress Lee Mi Young. She is younger sister of T-ara’s Boram. She looks a lot like her sister, but a little taller, Very baby-faced, like if you know what Boram looks like, if took took her dyed her hair blonde and she joined 2ne1, this is what she’s look like.  They also have a little brother, he looks middle school aged. She must be that middle child, with most of the talent. (haha) Her specialty is singing, dancing, writing lyrics and making choreography. For example she wrote the lyrics to their songs “Crush”, "Sleeping in Anniversary" and "Before The Weekend Comes". She has a talent to mimic voices. Has nicknames such as Donald duck, half-pint and tweety. She has at least one tattoo on her upper right arm.

Next is UJin, 22 born October 23, 1989. She is a vocalist. This is the so-called temporary member. I would hate to see her go, because I really like her, idk I’ll see how this goes. But she is an ex-YG trainee, she even had the nickname by trainee followers as “little dara” because of her close resemblance to her. So yeah she’s like a Dara that sings better. (lol) She went to school in Australia. She likes to listen to music, watch movies and play games. 

The youngest member is Zin, real name Soojin. Born April 10, 1993, she is a vocalist. The tallest in the group, some people think she looks like CL when she wears shades. Her speciality is the piano. She likes to surf the web, read comics and listen to music.


Fan Tumblr Blog: http://d-units.tumblr.com

Sorry, all 6 episodes of "Welcome to D-Unit" have been blocked, but there are cuts on Youtube to search if you are interested enough.


Since the recording of this #nugucorner, it has been revealed that D.Unit are making a comeback soon with "Luv Me". UJin is still in the group. Some teasers are out, see them on their Youtube channel. It is also noted that Zico of Block B has participated in the production of the new album.

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