4 K-pop Songs To Make You Feel Loved This Valentines Day


Valentines Day is coming, and we are all excited about it! Whether giving gifts to your family, friends or special someone, it will surely be appreciated. But if you are looking for K-pop songs that can make you feel loved this season, we got your back. We listed 4 K-pop songs to make you feel loved this Valentine’s Day! Come and check it out!

Starlight by Taeyeon feat. Dean.

Love is truly amazing, and so is this song!

This song will stir your emotions with Taeyeon’s angelic voice and Dean’s soft voice. It feels like looking at the sky with your special someone while the sun is setting down, waiting for the bright stars to appear. Isn’t sweet?

Confession song by Got7

Confessing to someone you love is really difficult especially if it is your first time pouring your feelings on someone. Why don’t you confess while playing this song? Maybe the chance of her/him saying yes will increase especially if she/he is an ahgase!

Perhaps Love by J and Howl

At some point in our life, maybe we experience falling in love with someone without knowing it. What if both of you feel the same?  

Some by SoYou x JunggiGo feat. Lil Boi of Geeks

Trapped in a situation where you both care for each other? Where you both happy when you are with each other? Start the day texting each other? End the day telling goodnights? But you are not lovers? That’s difficult! Maybe it is time to clear the lines between the two of you. Be brave and tell, “I love you.”

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