RAVI Releases "BUM" Feat. Chillin Homie and Kid Milli

 Rapper and GROOVL1N'S CEO, RAVI has released the single and performance video for the song "BUM" featuring Chillin Homie and Kid Milli. "BUM" takes a unique twist by mixing hip hop with riveting classical Korean  "Pansori" vocals. Check out the performance video below! 

In addition to the release of the the single, a dance tutorial by RAVI has been uploaded to Twitter. You can use the tutorial to participate in the #BUMchallenge on either TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. The required hashtags are #라비 #범 #라비_범챌린지 #범챌린지 #BUMchallenge #범_리믹스챌린지 If you do the  #BUM_remixchallenge sing or rap the song in your own style. 
Make sure to tag @groovl1nofficial and @ravithecrackkidz so that RAVI may see your awesome dance covers. Have fun! 

Dance tutorial thread


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