Brave Girls' Reverse First Place

Group Brave Girls’ ‘Rollin’ is drawing attention by ranking first on the real-time music chart on the 27th.

The Brave Girls' ‘Rollin’ craze, started by a video posted by a YouTuber, entered the top of the real-time charts of various music sources on the afternoon of the 27th, after streaking high on the charts every day without knowing how to cool down. In particular, it was ranked No. 1 at the Bugs, making the ‘Rollin’ craze real.

'Rollin' is a song of the EDM genre with a cheerful up-tempo incorporating a tropical house. It has been regarded as a highly addictive song since its release with the vocals and addictive chorus of lovely members.

Brave Girls brought joy to many military personnel by performing "Rollin" for them in events since its initial release. Snippets of such performances can be seen in the viral YouTube video.

To the current lineup of Brave Girls, who celebrated their 5th anniversary on the 16th of last month, it seemed to be unbelievable that the song was ranked No. 1 on the music charts after 4 years of its release. 

In addition, there is commentary through the online communities and the YouTube video comment section, “I want to see you again on the music shows.”, “I hope that the music shows invite the group to perform again like EXID”, “I hope that the music shows call Rollin again and they release other songs in the summer. ” With a hot reaction from the public, attention is being paid to the possibility of the Brave Girls' re-summoning.

Meanwhile, Brave Girls is rewriting the history of the myth of reverse driving by entering the top ranks of various music charts with the "Rollin' Craze" which is expected to last for a while.

Brave Girls' most recent comeback was in August 2020  with the stylish City Pop-inspired "We Ride." 

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