Group Seven O'clock Disbands

Group Seven O'clock Disbands

Group Seven O'clock ends group activities.

On March 2nd, the agency Forest Network announced in Seven O'clock's official fancafe, "We would like to inform you that after discussions with the company, Seven O'clock has ended its activities on March 2, 2021."

The agency said, "Although the group activities have ended, we and all members are currently discussing their future activities, and we will do our best for various personal activities after sufficient consultation with the members."

Forest Network added, “We are truly sorry for the news of the sudden end of our activities, and thank you again to all of Roses (fan name) who have cherished Seven O'clock.”

Meanwhile, Seven O'clock debuted in 2017 with the mini album 'Butterfly Effect'. They had their last comeback with the single "Hey There" on August 29th, 2020 and they held their first online solo concert in November.

We wish the best for the members' future activites. 

Sources | Naver

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