8 K-pop tracks to Enjoy this International Happiness Day

It's International Day of Happiness! A day to celebrate joy, cheer and happiness, we bring to you 8 K-pop songs to happily hum and dance to this year. 


"Happy was a word I only read in books"
A peppy and upbeat track, WJSN's "HAPPY" can instantly cheer you up! With lyrics about finding the true meaning of happiness, the track sees the girls slowly fall in love. Filled with yellow and red hues, the music video perfectly portrays cheer and joy! 

Merry & Happy - TWICE 

"My new year is happy since you're beside me" 
Even though Christmas is nowhere around the corner, "Merry & Happy" is a song that gives an instant serotonin boost! Showing off their amazing vocal skills, each member shone through this cute, catchy and simple track.

Happiness (Full of happiness) - H.O.T

"I can't let go of the eternal happiness" 
This peppy and bubbly has often been mistaken as SEVENTEEN's or SUPER JUNIOR's song! Sung by SM Entertainment's first idol boy group, H.O.T, the pop song has beautiful lyrics revolving around love and support.

Happy Now - HA: TFELT ft. MoonByul

"Happy  now? Feels like you have the world, right?" 
 An addictive and powerful track, HA: TFELT makes a bold statement with "Happy Now!"  The track criticises the way men use women as status symbols but uses a backdrop of cheerful and retro synths to lift up the mood. 


"I hope you're H A P P Y" 
Light and Bouncy, 2NE1's "HAPPY" is a song you'll find yourself easily singing along to! The MV's vibrant colours and cute animations flawlessly cover up the bittersweet tone of the lyrics.

Make You Happy - NiziU

"Oh! I just want to make you happy"
Inspired by retro and R&B music styles "Make You Happy" is NiziU's pre-debut single. The JYP Entertainment girl group's song instantly gets you on your feet with its peppy and cute concept! 

Happiness - Red Velvet 

"Are you happy!?" 
Optimism. Youth. Joy. These are just some words that can be used to describe Red Velvet's debut track "Happiness!" With an experimental pop sound, "Happiness" should be part of everyone's 'Happy Playlist!'

Happy - Taeyeon

"Tonight I'm happy" 
Taeyeon has never disappointed us with her music and "Happy" was another great addition to her discography. The beautiful vocals accompanied by the booming bass is simple yet perfect! 

Which K-pop song gives you an instant serotonin boost? Let us know in the comments!

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Abhi is a writer at KpopWise. After getting on the K-pop train in 2015, she absolutely loves discovering new groups and idols! But Stray Kids and Seventeen hold a special place in her heart.

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