OnlyOneOf Reveals Group Teaser Photo and Comeback Date


On March 16th, OnlyOneOf released a full group teaser for their comeback mini album "Instinct, Part 1" and revealed that the album release date is set for April 8th, 2021 at 6PM KST on all music platforms. In the teaser photo the members are dressed in a full denim style while KB and Junji's smooth abs have garned the fans' attention, in addition Junji's unconventional long-haired hairstyle is particularly eye-catching. 

The sexy concept of the photo is befitting of the title "Instinct." OnlyOneOf's portrayal of sexiness is delicate, which is different from the typical idea of masculine sexiness with a rough and aggressive tendency. The image of a sexy, dreamy group that OnlyOneOf has been following since debut can be clearly observed in the upcoming album. High-quality music remains the group's priority. 

On March 16th OnlyOneOf announced the recruitment for their official fanclub lyOn. The name "lyOn" is taken from the middle part of the group's name and represents that fans are the center of OneOneOf, also a witty pun related to the animal lion. Fans can sign up for the official fanclub through Interpark beginning on the 19th.

On March 18th, OnlyOneOf also shared a structural universe diagram which shows how their previous and future albums are interconnected. 

source: wowtv

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