[Recap] DUSTIN White Day Fanmeeting and Interview

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photo cr: LPA Entertainment 

From left - Sunho, Kim Yoon, Hwani, Seunghan, JJ, Siu, and Dojun

On March 14th boy group DUSTIN, had a White Day Fanmeeting with their adoring fans. The event was free for global fans to RSVP and there were live translators from Korean to English and Spanish.

The fan meeting started with the members introducing themselves with special attention to the two new members; Sunho and Dojun. After the introduction, they performed their debut single "Burn." The members had a free-talk session. DUSTIN's subunit DUSTIN-ON performed "0 (Young)."

After more free-talk, the members answered a few questions asked by some of their fans. The members prepared a special present by selecting lucky fans and giving them a sweet White Day "call" where they pretended to be the fans' boyfriends or even husbands.  The fanmeeting ended after the group played the random dance game with Kpop songs from throughout the years! 

photo cr: LPA Entertainment 

Media Meeting 

Following the fanmeeting KpopWise attended the media meeting with DUSTIN to learn more about the group and their future plans. 

Q. What can we expect from DUSTIN this year?
  1. Japanese tour, DUSTIN will be there for 3 months
  2. DUSTIN 2nd mini album comeback
  3. April 2021 online fan meeting & more projects
Q. What kind of group is DUSTIN to the members?
A. HWANI: DUSTIN is my last challenge (for myself as a KPop idol) and at the same time, a new dream.
SUNHO: The same as Hwani, but for me it’s also very special and meaningful to be part of DUSTIN.

Q. Can you explain your debut song BURN and what message you want to deliver with the song?
A. We wanted to show all our colors; all the members have different colors and the song shows our charms one by one. We also wanted to show our burning, unwavering passion for music. The message we wanted to get across is simply for our fans to be able to listen to it and be happy and help them get through hard times. 

Q. BURN has received very good feedback from the public, what can we expect for the next comeback?
A. SIU: Along with the new members we want to show a new side to DUSTIN, so we hope that you will all look forward to our comeback.

Q. What did you base the name of your fandom from and how did you choose between TheStan and Ariel?
A. At first we had two names to choose from: Ariel, from a pretty Disney princess, and TheStan, because it matches with DUSTIN (it sounds similar in Korean). In the end we chose TheStan because it matches our group name and fans also loved it and voted for it.

Q. How did the new members adapt to being part of DUSTIN?
A. DOJUN: The older members like to joke around with me, so it helped me get along better with them.
SUNHO: I am a very shy person, so I am still getting to know the members.

Q. Idols have to work for hours a day, has that ever made you want to leave your dreams to live a normal life?
A. JJ: To be honest, there are times that it is hard. But we realized that there’s not only hard times all the time, but also a lot of good times and memories we made with our fans, and we love that. So we want to continue with our dreams and work hard for our fans.

Q. Just a few days ago, you celebrated the first anniversary of your official Fancafe. What do you think about this? Seeing as because the COVID-19 pandemic you are unable to perform overseas, yet you have gained a lot of fans already.
A. SEUNGHAN: I was very excited for our debut and the year that followed, and even our 1st year anniversary. Even though we are unable to do a lot of work overseas because of the pandemic, we hope that our fans can wait for us and expect a lot from us in the months to come.

Q. If your personality were a color, which one would it be and why?
DOJUN: WHITE. White is a bright color and it goes with everything. I want to be like that.
HWANI: PURPLE. It’s not too bright yet not too dark too. People also often choose the color purple; in the same way I also wish people to choose me just like how I would choose the color purple.
SEUNGHAN: I never thought about it. Thinking about it now, I would probably choose WHITE.
YOON: NAVY BLUE. Because it’s not as dark as black, but it goes with everything. It is a color that can be dark and serious, but bright and cute at the same time.
SIU: I never really thought about it too, but I would choose SKY BLUE if I had to choose now.
JJ: Since my debut the fans have always been saying that I’m very passionate and also often said that RED suits me, so I’ll go with RED.
SUNHO: BLACK because I’m shy. I think this color represents my personality the best.

Q. If you know or would like to collaborate with any Latin American or foreign artist, who would it be?
A. We answered this question in detail in a video with Infludeo, but it’s not released yet. When it’s up, watch it to find out!
Q. How can bloggers in Ukraine help them come to perform in Ukraine?
A. It’s simple for us – we go where our fans are and where they want us to be. We just hope that they are able to wait for us. When COVID ends, we will go everywhere and anywhere we’re invited to perform.

Q. Which KPop idol do you consider your role models and which part of the Philippines would you want to visit if you go there?
A. We mentioned our role models during the Zoom Party, some are are; Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, and ATEEZ. We want to explore around the Philippines and definitely want to go to Bacolod City (where the group performed pre-debut at MassKara Festival) and meet our fans there again.

A special thanks from KpopWise to K-WAVE and LPA Entertainment for hosting this event! 

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