Happy April Fool Day! Have some fun with April Fools' jokes and pranks that Kpop idols or companies played on their fans today. 

Got7's Bam Bam uploaded a teaser graphic for a world tour. Later he uploaded more "details" to the tour revealing that it was all a prank.

Singer Holland, known as Kpop's first out LBGT idol joined the festivities with...

BT21 was taken over by RK and TITI.  

OnlyOneOf's oldest member KB tricked many fans by uploading a military photo and posting an address where fans can send him letters. However, KB completed his military service pre-debut.  

MNET's Youtube channel uploaded MCOUNTDOWN performances with special thumbnails.  

Johnny and Ten visited Johnny's "home in Chicago".  

P1Harmony tricked fans into believing he dyed his hair green for a comeback. 

These are just a few shenanigans from the day, if you have a favorite Kpop prank either recently or in the past let us know!

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