[Exclusive] Interview with Singer & Song Writer Cho Hyung-Woo

Cho Hyung-woo is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. On March 24th, he released his newest single "hiker" as well as the audio visualizer. KpopWise was fortunate enough to be granted an interview with him.

When did you start music?

Since elementary school, I started learning piano, and after that, I enjoyed playing in a band when I was in the UK during my middle school & high school days. I think that's when I started to enjoy singing. Then I came back to Korea and joined university in Seoul, and I started playing guitar, performed as a vocalist in a band as well. I was interested in doing an independent band, but somehow I managed to get signed with a professional music label, and I debuted in 2013 with a song called "Brunch", which was included in a duet album called <Romantic Spring> with Gain of Brown Eyed Girls. Then Here I am. 😊

What's your inspiration for song-writing?

I get inspiration mainly from everyday life, sometimes I watch a movie, I like to go travel sometimes too. And my secret for my inspiration is that, I try not to hold back in everyday life when I do things or meet someone, I rather jump in. I like doing stupid or interesting things from time to time, because I kinda think that my life of youth was kinda stable. 

How do you describe your style?

As a music genre, I think my music includes modern rock, folk, and k-ballad styles. But as a singer-songwriter, I try not to lock myself into a specific genre. I was affected a lot from British or modern rock numbers. I was inspired by artists such as Oasis, Coldplay, Damien Rice, Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Ed Sheeran, and so on. 

What is your creative process like?

Sometimes a melody comes into my mind, sometimes I come up with a phrase or a title, then I start composing the main riff or chords and the rest of the melody. I try performing the song with piano and guitar to think about the arrangement or rhythm, spend some time to get friendly with the new song. This gives me the bigger picture of the song. Then I start arranging the song in my studio with my mac based DAW, then I record what I need to record, and so on. 

 Can you tell us about your new single "hiker"? 

"hiker" is the song about a traveler or a hiker, and in this song, the act of 'hiking' or 'traveling' can be a metaphor for our lives or love. Often we meet someone very special, sometimes we go our separate ways than meet again, just like some people that we meet when we hike or travel. The song "hiker" says 'I had a tough time without you, but I kinda knew that we will meet again, and I'll be the most comfortable and caring friend for you, just like an old picture or a passport stamp from a good trip.' I wrote the song because I'm into camping and hiking these days. It is a big trend in Korea right now 😛

I have noticed there is definitely a hiking trend in Korea right now, "hiker" is the perfect song for someone to listen to while participating in this activity! - KW

Who are people you have had a collaboration with or written for? 

I work with the artists such as Gain of Brown Eyed Girls (in a song called "Brunch"), Lim Kim ("Someone I Know"), Jang Jane ("Fine"), and Cheetah ("Scar") who is the talented female rapper. The famous K-pop lyric writer Kim Eana wrote many of my song lyrics. As a very good friend and a musical senior of mine, I often communicate and work with Jea of Brown Eyes Girls. 

Check out Hyung-woo's guitar skills in this cover of Dynamite by BTS with musical actor Park Kang-hyun! - KW

Do you have any other hobbies or non-music-related talents?

As I have mentioned, I am kinda into camping and hiking these days. I am waiting for good weather to go on backpacking, I have made a payment for a good sleeping bag just now 😛. Also, I am very interested in cooking too. I also have an Instagram account for the foods that I cooked (@frostglass_cook), the act of cooking really soothes me and fulfills my life when I am not in a professional musician mode. I think I am kinda confident with it 😊.

All of the food on this account looks so delicious!😋 You have a talent for presentation as well. - KW

What is a message you would give to your fans?

Let's live a good life, become a good person, do what we want to do. And hopefully, let's influence the world in a good way when we can. 

What can we expect from you next?

Maybe I will try to release more creations just like last year. Since I left my ex-company, I'm trying to work on more music by myself, since that develops me and keeps me busy. Now I'll start preparing for my next project.

We are excited to hear more from you! - KW

Anything else?

I'm about to start working on an EP album, which has a concept of being made at home, according to this pandemic situation. This will be more like a challenge, I will avoid going to a professional recording or mixing studio to accomplish this album, rather I will try using my portable gears or instruments that can be utilized at home or hotels. If you are interested, please follow my Instagram (@frostglassxx) and YouTube! 

A special thank you to Hyung-woo for taking time out of his busy schedule and participating in this interview with us! We look forward to his next endeavors. - KW

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