7 Family Concerts that need a Comeback

WM Entertainment Family Concert: Hello! WM ONTACT LIVE 2020

One of the best things that fans, as multi stans love, is when their favourite idols interact with each other! For such craving souls, family concerts are the perfect way for K-pop artists to interact and have collaboration stages while showing their united front to fans and the media. So, here are 7 Family Concerts we are hoping to come back soon!

SM TOWN - SM Entertainment
The first company to hold a family concert internationally was SM Entertainment. The Entertainment has held numerous concerts, music festivals and special stages for more than 10 years. The first SM TOWN Concert being held in 2008, spanning over 3 countries. From group performances to collaboration stages, SM TOWN has some of the most awaited interactions!

UNITED CUBE CONCERT - Cube Entertainment
From a vocal unit to a rappers unit, the UNITED CUBE CONCERT - ONE is a treat for fans of Cube Entertainment groups. Taking place in Seoul, the tickets sold out within just 2 minutes! The company also held various family concerts overseas in China, England, Brazil, Japan and Macau!

JYPNATION - JYP Entertainment
From the 2010 JYP Nation 'Teamplay' to the 2016 JYP Nation Concert 'MIX&MATCH', JYP Entertainment artists put up unified and passionate performances. With the concerts being held in 3 to 4 countries, covers, duets, units and special performances are just some of the performances that feature during JYP Nation Concerts! Now we are just waiting for Stray Kids, ITZY, Boy Story and NiziU to also experience their first JYP Nation Concert.

From offline concerts in Seoul to online concerts for the globe, FNC Entertainment has had its fair share of family concerts. Starting off the tradition in 2015, FNC family concerts bring together all the idols under their company. They even give a glimpse of their soon to debut groups during these concerts!

Power Galaxy Tour - YG Entertainment
Spanning across 7 locations, the "Power Galaxy Tour" is one of the biggest family concerts that ever happened. The first company to start the trend of family concerts in the early 2000s, YG Family concerts are always highly awaited! With the last concert being held in 2016, fans are looking forward to seeing the YG family together soon.

YH-FAMILY CONCERT - Yuehua Entertainment
Although Yuehua is a Chinese entertainment company, it has K-pop groups like WJSN, EVERGLOW and UNIQ under it! The YH-FAMILY CONCERT started in 2019, to celebrate the company's 10th anniversary. Joining forces, K-Pop and C-Pop artists of the company perform their greatest hits during the concert.

One of the most awaited family concerts, HYBE labels held their first family concert in 2020. Held online, the concert had special stages, fan meets and a tribute stage to late rock icon Shin Hae Chul. Unfortunately, SEVENTEEN had to tap out of the family concert, but, we hope to see them at the next family concert!

From WM Entertainment to JSL Entertainment, companies have started holding family concerts knowing that fans are interested in seeing their favourite groups interact and perform together!
Which company should start a family concert soon? Let us know in the comments!

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Abhi is a writer at KpopWise. After getting on the K-pop train in 2015, she absolutely loves discovering new groups and idols! But Stray Kids and Seventeen hold a special place in her heart.

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