CHOI Releases Self Composed Song "After the Rain"

Cr: Local High Records

Singer and songwriter CHOI has released his song "After the Rain" on May 30th.  

Singer CHOI, the owner of luxury vocal skills, sings the longing of a lover.

Choi’s new song “After The Rain” (비가 갠 뒤에), released through LOCAL HIGH RECORDS, will be released through various music sources.

‘After the Rain’ is a song written and composed by Choi himself. It is a song that expresses the feelings and longing for that time while walking along the path she used to walk with her loved one after the rain.

Local High Records said, "Unlike Choi's songs such as 'I believe in love because of you' and 'Our Grandma', the rock-ballad sensibility stands out after the rain, so you can feel Choi's own explosive singing ability. We ask for a lot of attention.”

Choi also expressed his extraordinary affection for “After the Rain,” saying, “After writing the song five years ago, I saved and cherished it."

Choi, who will captivate the public with his high-class sensibility, will continue to showcase various ballads and genres with full support from Local High Records.

Listen to the song below!  

CHOI also debuted in the group LU4US in 2014, and was active in both Korea and Japan. 

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