9 Flowery K-Pop Songs to Check Out Before Spring Ends

Spring is almost going to end! It's time to get done with your spring cleaning. So open your cupboards, take out all your unwanted things and listen to this flowery playlist we have curated for you! 

Here are 9 K-pop songs with flowers names in their titles!


A flower of Daisy in my dream, and I got burnt by that love
Filled with references, metaphors and symbolism, "DAISY" is a beautiful ballad! Trying to get over a nasty heartbreak, PENTAGON equate their love and innocence to a daisy. Playing on the belief of seeing a daisy in your dream, PENTAGON lament that they loved someone to get lies and betrayal in return.

Hey.Bae.Like.It (Sunflower) - IZ*ONE

We create our own miracle
A play on the Korean word 해바라기, which means sunflower, this track gives an instant serotonin boost. From warm vocals to the lyrics about naïve love, "Sunflower" has an overall feel-good vibe to it!

Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms - HIGH4, IU
Flowers bloom and sway before my eyes
A single person's anthem! IU and HIGH4 express their displeasure towards spring and cherry blossoms because of the romantic symbolism it holds. Sharing their bittersweet feelings towards cherry blossoms, IU and HIGH4 show off their beautiful vocals in "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms!"

Tulips - SNUPER

Tulips, the beautiful you
From the sweet fragrance to the red colour, everything about tulips reminds SNUPER of their crush. A classy and sophisticated hip-hop track, SNUPER profess their love and desire with "Tulips."

ROSE - LeeHi

My love is like a red rose
Reminding us that roses have two sides, the appealing red hue and the painful thorns, LeeHi delivers a realistic message about love and relationship baggage. Combining jazz with R&B and dreamy vocals, "ROSE" is a perfect anti-hero track!

Magnolia - TOO (TO1)

Fluttering petals will lead me Why why
A utopia to dystopia story TOO finds a way out with the help of magnolia petals. From the synth to the electrical guitar the instrumental of "Magnolia" is addicting and is a perfect fit for the mysterious lyrics.


Our love is dahlia
Associating their lover to a dahlia, (G)I-DLE's "DAHLIA" shows how toxic relationships can consume people. While the dahlia symbolises eternal love and strength, it also symbolises dishonesty and betrayal. Unaffected by what outsiders have to say about their relationship, they hold on to each other and consume each other.


She is a Jasmin
With a catchy arrangement and light vocals, JBJ95 ramble about their crush. From a Jasmin fragrance to petal-like vocals, JBJ95 are not able to get over their crush and fall deeper in love. Definitely add this to your 'Nostalgia Playlist!'


Will you disappear like the wind?
From MAMAMOO's Whee In to DAY6's Young K, many idols have listed "Dandelion" by OOHYO as a song that comforted them and helped them heal during difficult times. With its beautiful message of staying by one's side during tough days, the soothing vocals will tug at your heartstrings!

Which song blossomed in your heart? Let us know in the comments!

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Abhi is a writer at KpopWise. After getting on the K-pop train in 2015, she absolutely loves discovering new groups and idols! But Stray Kids and Seventeen hold a special place in her heart.

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