[Week Roundup May 9 - 15 ] MADDOX, ICU and Sun Kim

On May 15th singer MADDOX, released his single "Knight." MADDOX who is widely known as one of the main composers for boy group ATEEZ under KQ Entertainment debuted in 2019. Check out "Knight" below! 

 MADDOX - "Knight" MV

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On May 14th five member girl group ICU has returned with their 2nd Single "Look at Me." The song is a fun disco-inspired track. Check out the music video below.

ICU - "Look at Me" 

On May 13th, guitarist and now singer Sun Kim has released his 1st Single "Lucid Dream."  A statement from OGAM Entertainment describes the single; 

The double single 'LUCID DREAM', was completed with his own original musical color, it is a mix of various genres such as jazz, R&B, and indie. This is the first project in which he composes himself, plays all instruments, and unfolds his capacity as a producer beyond performers. 
Check out the music video below. 

Sun Kim - "Lucid Dream"

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