9 K-pop Idol Variety Shows you should Binge-Watch Soon

From music to performances, K-pop idols have always been amazing all-rounders. Adding to this mix of talents is their personality on idol variety shows. Whether it's playing fun games or discussing music production, variety shows really give us a sneak peek into the skills and hobbies of some idols!

From school to waterparks, HELLO CIX was a variety show that introduced CIX to the public. The pre-debut show sees the 5-member group celebrate, laugh and also shed some tears. HELLO CIX is definitely a good show to watch when you're getting into CIX!

Channel_9 EfG - formis_9
An underrated idol variety show, formis_9 show off their perfect chemistry with this show! Filled with effortless top-notch humour, Channel_9 EfG is a show every K-pop stan should watch. Showcasing a new image, we see the girls transform into farmers and students!

LUCY Mini Game Heaven - LUCY
Showing off their gaming skills and charms in this mini-series, the boy band capture viewers hearts with ease. With undeniable cuteness and witty humour, LUCY's chemistry shines through as they try to beat each other and be on top!

A reality turned variety show, GFRIEND'S MEMORIA takes fans on a journey. Starting off with GFRIEND travelling to numerous places and transitioning to indoor activities, from a cooking competition to becoming "Sherlock Holmes", GRFIEND show off their skills and friendship!

In ONEW's own words, he'll do everything during the course of the show and he doesn't disappoint! From becoming TAEMIN's manager to working at a food truck, we see ONEW excitedly carry out all his hobbies. Natural and warm perfectly describe the premise of the show.

Mostly based on indoor games and healing, TIME TO TWICE is a must-watch! We see the 9 members belt out their vocals, solve crimes and try to escape a building. A rollercoaster of emotions TWICE is effortless at being natural and outspoken during their variety show.

SKZ CODE - Stray Kids
Filled with Stray Kids' non-intentional comedy, wit and cuteness, one can easily binge watch SKZ CODE! Covering board games to graduations and Game of Thrones, Stray Kids can be seen thoroughly enjoying themselves!

Perfumes, shoes, pots; you name it! CHUNG HA tries out everything on her show 'C'HUNG HARANG. Accompanied by friends and family, CHUNG HA constantly explores her artistic side and shows off her creativity!

Everyone knows SEVENTEEN's variety now Going SEVENTEEN. However, IF is another amazing variety show the group released in 2020. Going down through memory lane and testing their skills, SEVENTEEN never fails to make us laugh with their candid sense of humour and savageness. Don't forget to wait for the bonus clips at the end of every video!

Self-produced variety shows have not only been a great source of entertainment but have also helped idols interact more with fans!

Which idol variety show is your favourite to binge-watch? Let us know in the comments!

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Abhi is a writer at KpopWise. After getting on the K-pop train in 2015, she absolutely loves discovering new groups and idols! But Stray Kids and Seventeen hold a special place in her heart.

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