Vocal Group Vromance Releases a New Song, “The Moment"

Vocal Group Vromance Releases a New Song, “The Moment"

From E-Daily Star: 

Vromance released a digital single 'The Moment' through various music sites at 6 pm on the 31st, dyeing the music industry with the sensibility of breaking up with Vromance's mark.

The new song “The Moment” is a song that contains the feelings of leaving a loved one, and completes the farewell sensibility of Vromance with a delicate yet explosive vocal power.

Producer Hwang Seong-jin, as well as emerging lyricists, Onria, Surim, and Hye-ryeon wrote the lyrics, and the composition was added by Kim Chang-rak, a member of Aiming Music, who composed 'The Four Seasons' of RB-INJ and MC The Max, etc.

This single 'The Moment' is a song in which Jang Hyun, Hyun Gyu, and Chan Dong participated in the song, excluding Hyun-seok, the youngest who is currently serving in the military. do.

Vromance debuted in 2016 under RBW Entertainment with the single 'She.' The new single marks the return of the group's activites in over 11 months. Check out 'The Moment' below. 


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