5 K-pop Tracks to Play This Summer!

Summer is already knocking on our doors, waiting for us to splash into our favorite cold shakes and ice cream! To uplift the summer spirit, let's play these 5 K-pop tracks!

1. Red Flavor by Red Velvet

Who would forget this summer bop? With the fresh and youthful feel of this song, it will definitely turn up the mood inside your house!

2. Shake It by SISTAR

Na nanana nananananana hey!  It is impossible to make a k-pop summer playlist without any track from SISTAR!

3.  DUMDi DUMDi by (G)-idle

Next on our list is (G)-Idle's DUMDi DUMDi!  Let's turn up the summer with Soyeon's rap and the members' vocals!

4.  Sunny Summer  by GFriend

Let's have a good time! with another bop from one of the synchronized K-pop groups, GFriend!

5.  Holiday by SEVENTEEN

This last track from SEVENTEEN will make you feel like you want to hang out with your friends on a summer night! 

Let us enjoy every moment in our life spending it with our friends and families! So let us turn our summer, a season we can remember forever in our hearts!

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