[Audition] FNC Pick Up Stage Worldwide 2021 (U.S / Canada)

[Audition] FNC Pick Up Stage Worldwide 2021 (U.S / Canada)

FNC Entertainment will hold an untact global audition called ‘FNC Pickup Stage: Worldwide Chapter 2’ (2021 FNC PICK UP STAGE: WORLDWIDE CHAPTER 2 U.S./ CANADA) for the United States and Canada.

‘FNC Pickup Stage’ is an audition project for the next generation of talent, and FNC Entertainment’s new entertainer nurturing program that conducts talent discovery based on domestic and overseas.

As this audition is for aspiring idols from the United States and Canada, high competition and interest are expected.

2021 FNC Pickup Stage: World Wide Chapter 2' is open to all applicants from the United States or Canada born between 1999 and 2009.

Recruitment fields are divided into vocal, rap, dance, visual, and musical instrument performance, and the final recruits will be selected through the 1st document screening, 2nd video audition, and 3rd final audition. 

The final recruits will be given the opportunity to receive systematic management and professional training from FNC Entertainment along with a trainee contract.

See the flyer for directions and more details can be found on the official FNC Audition website. https://www.fncent.com/b/auditon_edit

Good luck to the applicants. 

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