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Can you introduce yourself to our readers? What does your name mean?

안녕하세요. from20 입니다. 
‘from20’ 는 제가 스무살부터 걸어온 음악인생을 의미해요. 제가 스무살에 서울로 올라와서 음악을 시작했거든요. 그때의 열정과 용기를 잊지말고 또 열심히 살아가보자!! 라는 의미가 담겨있어요. 

Hello, I'm from20.
‘from20’ means the music life I have been walking since I was 20. I came to Seoul at the age of 20 and started making music. Let's not forget the passion and courage of that time and live hard again!! It has that meaning. 

What inspired you to start making music?

일상의 모든 것들인 것 같아요. 곡을 쓰기 시작한지 오래되다보니 이제는 습관처럼 작은것들도 기록하는 것 같아요. 직업병이죠. 

I think it's all about everyday life. It's been a long time since I started writing songs, so now I feel like I'm recording small things like a habit. It's an occupational disease.

Can you tell us about your new single RADIO (WILL SING OUR SONG)?

RADIO (WILL SING OUR SONG) 은 신스팝장르의 굉장히 세련된 팝이에요.
우리의 노래를 써서, 그 노래가 라디오에서 흘러나온다면. 우리는 그 안에서 영원할꺼야
라는 로맨틱한 가사의 곡입니다.

RADIO (WILL SING OUR SONG) is a very sophisticated song of the synth pop genre.
If we write our song, and that song plays on the radio. We'll be forever in it.
It is a song with romantic lyrics.

Watch the music video for RADIO (WILL SING OUR SONG) here. 

Live performance at Genie Music

What was the creative process like working on this album? 

뮤직비디오 연출을 직접해요. 정말 처음부터 끝까지 다 제가합니다. 그러다보니 엄청난 창조적인 부분들을 필요로해요. 어떤 이야기를 들려줄까. 어떻게 비디오적으로 이것을 표현할까. 많이 고민합니다. 

I direct the music video myself. I really do everything from start to finish. That requires a lot of creative work. What story would you like to tell? How to express this in a video? I worry a lot.

Documentary Film EP1

What is a memorable moment while filming the music video?

사실 뮤직비디오 촬영쯤 다리를 다쳤어서 깁스를 하고있어야했어요. 촬영 당일만 촬영을 위해 풀고 강행했는데, 계단을 뛰어야하는 장면이 있었는데 너무 아팠답니다 ㅜㅜ

Actually, I injured my leg while filming the music video, so I had to wear a cast. On the day of filming only, I unpacked it for filming, and there was a scene in which I had to run up the stairs and it was so painful. ㅜㅜ

What is it like working as a solo artist? 

모든 것을 제가 그리는 대로 할수있다는건 참 좋은거같아요. 제가 가장 잘 할수있는 것을 그냥 하면 된다는 것도 좋아요. 

It's nice to be able to do everything the way I draw. It's nice to just do what I'm best at.

Do you have any other hobbies? Is there something you want to learn?

웨이트트레이닝을 좋아해요. 그런데 다리를 다쳐서 최근에 쭉 쉬었어요. 아 그리고 수영을 좋아하는데 아무래도 코러나바이러스때문에 일년 넘게 못한것 같아요 ㅜㅜ 다시 수영장에 가고싶네요. 

I like weight training. However, I have been resting lately because I injured my leg. Oh, and I like swimming, but I think I haven't been able to swim for over a year because of the coronavirus. I want to go to the pool again.

What is your life motto? 

행복하게 살자. 나는 틀리지않았다. 나를 믿자. 
저의 20대는 많이 주눅들고 눈치보고 살았던 것 같아요. 그러지 않으려고 노력합니다. 하고싶은건 다 하고 살고싶어요. 

Let's live happily. I was not wrong. Trust me.
In my 20s, I think I was very shy and was self-conscious. I try not to. I want to do everything I want to do and live.

What is a message you would give to your fans?

인디펜던트로 앨범제작을 하다보니, 팬여러분들의 존재는 그 어느때보다 소중하고 중요해요. 늘 감사함을 느껴요. 그 분들이 있어서 제가 음악할수 있다고 생각합니다. 감사해요 정말 항상. 좋은 음악 들려줄께요.

As I am making an album as an independent, the presence of the fans is more precious and more important than ever. I always feel grateful. Because of those people, I think I can make music. Thank you very much always. I'll give you some good music.

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