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On July 17, 2021, member Keonwoo wrote an instagram post explaining that has disbanded.

Hello, this is's Keonwoo. Firstly, the reason I am writing this is because I have something to tell the fans who have been waiting and worrying for, as we have not been having any activities. To get to the point, will not have any more team activities. Because of various reasons such as the company's financial and credit problems, we have ended our activities as singers without being able to properly promote. Until now, there are many staff who have not received payment from the company: company employees, staff at the hair and makeup shops, stylists, choreographers, composers, dorm landlords, etc .. If even the most basic money issues could not be solved, could we carry out normal activities? That would be impossible .. I'll tell you the truth. The thoughts that frustrated you all the most 'Why don't you have activities in Korea', 'You went on just a few music shows then ended promotions', 'What activities did you have after debuting in Korea' etc., we were also very frustrated and sorry to the fans. We were going crazy. We kept holding it in, and when we communicated to the company our desire to quit, we were told that the contract could only be cancelled if all the money that had been spent on was returned. But the settlement amount that was provided was an astronomical amount, to the point that it was impossible to believe it had been spent on us. We have never been treated in any way that would justify that sum. There were no proper receipts, and only 'oo card used' was written roughly on the back … We received receipts for the first time when we said we wanted to quit, we never had proper lessons even once, the practice room kept changing, the dorm rent was always late, so we had to wash with cold water in the middle of winter because the gas got cut off and we were nearly kicked out a couple of times. (Actually, we were kicked out once) Having to deal with these situations again and again, we were frustrated and the fans were tired of waiting, because of all this, I have major depression (serious), bipolar disorder and depression-related disorders. I am now receiving medicinal and psychological therapy every week at the hospital. I feel like I will feel less sorry to the fans if I revealed everything truthfully instead of hiding everything. We have not had many promotions, but I wanted to say thank you to all the fans who supported and loved us If there is even one person supporting me from now on, I will do my very best and work my hardest to repay that person. Whatever I do in the future, whether you will stay and support me or choose to leave, thank you for reading this long post. Thank you for this time. And I'm sorry.

+ I will add some information. 

No matter the reason, I am very sorry to all the people who have suffered, financially or otherwise, because of us .. There were people who were close to us, and also many people who treated us with love, I am very sorry. 

Also, due to the unfair treatment from the company as well as their lack of clarity regarding the settlement amount, we have appointed lawyers and sent certified contents related to the termination of the contract. Now, as the company has not made a reply after months, we are progressing with the legal termination of the contract. We will not drop our guard until it's confirmed to be over. 

Also, we as, Woojin-ie, Juntae hyung, Woncheol hyung, Minho hyung and me, we are on good terms and still talking a lot in our group chat and getting along well. You don't have to worry about this. From now on, for each member, please support their future instead of criticizing them. Thank you for reading until the end.

After being active in Japan since August 2018 promoting their Japanese mini album [Boy n Girl], officially debuted in Korea in March 2020, with the mini album [The Glow: Eden], along with the music video 'Don't Know.'

We wish the best for the members. If you want to follow their future activites you can follow their SNS accounts below. 

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Minho: hi_yo_mino_eo

Juntae: juntae__

Woncheol: garden_fe

Woojin: _real.lee_

Keonwoo: kimkeonwoo_

Source Translation: @MYst_intlfans

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