Top 10 Kpop Songs 1st Half of 2021!

A while back, KpopWise asked you all what were your favorite songs that were released in 2021 up to June 30th. The qualifications were that firstly the songs had to been released in 2021 and the songs can be b-sides. It is always interesting to see what favorite songs our readers have in common with each other! We also enjoy the opportunity to check out any releases that we had not before seeing your lists. Without further ado let’s take a look at and listen to what you all sent in. Songs are in no particular order. 

Starting off with our own list, we had a difficult time narrowing it down to only a few songs when there were so many amazing releases.

@Cierabyul of KW

"Tail" - Sunmi 
"Gambler" - Monsta X
"Like it Hot" -  GWSN 
"byredO" - OnlyOneOf
"Ponzona" -  Purple Kiss 
"Inside" -  KEEMBO 
"Lose" - Wonho
"Black Mirror" - ONEUS
"Radio (Will Sing Our Song)" - from20 
"One Day More" - Big Mama 
"Young Blood" - Drippin
"Moonlight" - BDC
"Dreamer" - Letteamor
"I’m Not Cool" - Hyuna 
"Poison" - Pink Fantasy
"Don't Fight the Feeling" - EXO
"Higher" - A.C.E
"Pool Party" - Brave Girls
"Odd Eye" - Dreamcather


"Oneus" - No Diggity
"Golden Child" - Burn It
"Wings" - PIXY
"Oh Mama" - Bling Bling
"Saturn in the loop" - Synsnake"
"Pink Fantasy" - Posion
"Let Me Know" - PIXY
"Advice" - Taemin
"Waterfall" - B.I
"It Doesn't Matter – Aquinas


"DADADA" - Lunarsolar
"Lonely" - Lunarsolar
"BOM BI DI BOM" - Lunarsolar
"THE" - Gaho, Jian
"Drunk dazed" - Enhyphen
"Coin" - IU
"Lilac" - IU
"Next level" - Aespa
"Mafia in the morning" - ITZY


"Beautiful Beautiful" - ONF 
"Poison" - Pinkfantasy
"Blood Night" - G-reyish 
"Lose" - Wonho 
"Love So Sweet" - Cherry Bullet 
"Inside" - Keembo 
"Stalker" - 3YE 
 "abittipsy" - Youha
"Loved You" - BAE173
"Moonshot" - N.Flying


"Lazy" - Woosung
"That's me" - Pentagon
"Veronica" - Onewe
"My turn" - Cravity
"Don't play me love" - DavII
"Bye bye bye" - Wei
"Lily" - Aleph
"The unicorn" - PO.U.RY
"Crush" - MCND
"Inside" - Junny


"Hwaa" - (G)I-DLE 
"Giant" - Yuqi 
"Bonnie & Clyde" - Yuqi
"Bicycle" - Chungha
"Butter" - BTS
"Windy" - Soyeon 
"0 x1=Lovesong" - TXT 
"Flying On Faith" - Chungha 
"Lost" -  (G)I-DLE 
"Dahlia" - (G)I-DLE


"Unnatural" - WJSN
"Ride" - Rocket Punch 
"Bother Me" - Chung Ha 
"New Me" - WJSN
"Fever" - Brave Girls 
"Love Fool" - STAYC
"Easy" - WJSN The Black
"Young Blood" - Drippin 
"Insomnia" - Yukika 
"Don't Ask Don't Tell" - Everglow


"Higher" - A.C.E 
"DaDaDa" -  Lunarsolar 
"Love So Sweet - Cherry Bullet 
"Drunk Dazed" -  Enhypen 
"Cinema" - CIX 
"Bicycle" - Chungha 
"Wings" - Pixy 
"Pozona" - Purplekiss 
"After School" - Weeekly 
"Killa" - Mirae


"Paranoia" - Kang Daniel
"After School" - Weeekly 
"All In" - DKB 
"Cinema" - CIX 
"OX1=Lovesong" - TXT 
"Fever" - Enhypen
"Beautiful Beautiful" - ONF
"illa illa" - B.I 
"Excalibur" - Kingdom 
"One" - Astro 


"Be A Fool" - Jeong Sewoon
"Ggoma" - Tae Ho 
"Loved You" - BAE173 
"Save U" - Kang Daniel 
"Letter to you" - Kim Jaehwan
"Milky Way" - Golden Child 
"Ask" - N.Flying 
"RUi" - WEi 
"We loved each other" - Han Seungwoo


"Alcohol Free" - TWICE
"DaDaDa" - Lunarsolar
"Butter" - BTS
"Bom Bi Di Bom" - Lunarsolar
"Lonely" - Lunarsolar
"the" - Gaho, Jian
"First Time" - TWICE
"Baby Blue Love" -  TWICE
"Conversation" - TWICE


"Moonshot" - N.Flying
"Secreto" - Yezi
"Anxious" - Roda of MONT
"My Genesis" - ONF
"AI" - Aivan
"LONER" - Moti
"Don’t go in the Rainbow" - Babylon
"Together" - Forestella
"525" -  Ailee
"Hate" -  V-Hawk


"Pool Party" - Brave GIrls
"DADADA" - Lunarsolar
"BOM BI DI BOM" - Lunarsolar
"Lonely" - Lunarsolar
"Higher" - A.C.E 
"Atlantis" - A.C.E
"Bicycle" - Chungha 
"My Lips Like Warm Coffee" - Chungha ft Colde
"Odd Eye" - Dreamcatcher 
"Shadow" - Dreamcatcher (Siyeon, Dami) 


"Flower Garden" - RAVI
"I Wouldn’t Look For You" - Kim Jaehwan
"Don’t Fight The Feeling" - EXO 
"Ring Ring" - Rocket Punch 
"Like Water" - Wendy 
"Say Yes" - IZ
"Hero" - LUCY
"Poison" - Pink Fantasy
"WE GO" - Fromis_9
"All In" - DKB


"Inside" - Keembo
"Round n Round" - Golden Child
"Beautiful Beautiful" - ONF
"Ring Ring" - Rocket Punch
"Sign" - Dalsooobin
"Spin off" - Up10tion 
"Whatever" - Cherry Bullet 
"Universe" - Dongkiz 
"Tail" - Sunmi
"Young Blood" - Drippin


"Paint The Town" - LOONA
"DADADA" - Lunarsolar
"BOM BI DI BOM" - Lunarsolar
"Lonely" - Lunarsolar 
"the" - Gaho, Jian 
"Wow" - LOONA 
"Be Honest" -  LOONA 
"Dance On My Own" - LOONA 
"A Different Night" - LOONA 
"U R" - LOONA 

 Did you see any of your favorite songs of the year so far? Give us your own list in the comments!

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