5 Songs Written by K-pop Idols About their Dogs

Happy International Dog Day! From poodles to golden retrievers, K-pop videos have featured all kinds of dogs. However, sometimes K-pop idols draw inspiration from their pet dogs to write wonderful songs. Showcasing love, friendship and affection, here are five songs written by K-pop idols about their dogs!

End Of A Day - Jonghyun (SHINee)

Jonghyun's "End Of A Day" is one of the most loved tracks from his "Story Op. 1" collection album! While all of us know that he dedicated this song to his fans, did you know that his dog Byulroo aka Roo was the inspiration for the song? Jonghyun explained that Roo would tickle his ears every time he came home, which comforted him. Taking inspiration from this, Jonghyun wrote "End Of A Day", hoping that everyone could have someone like Roo to comfort them and assure them they were doing well. 

zzz- YOUHA

A tribute to her late dog Milky, YOUHA showcased her stunning vocals in "zzz." Completely self-written, composed and arranged, YOUHA walks down the memory lane of Milky and begins to question what the future holds for her. Accompanied by a heartwarming music video, the emotional ballad is sure to move you to tears.

Little Star - Hyunjin (Stray Kids) 

An early Christmas gift for STAY, "Little Star" is actually a song inspired by and dedicated to Stray Kids member Hyunjin's late dog Kkomi. While talking about the song, Hyunjin confessed he felt remorseful that he didn't have many pictures of Kkomi while looking at pictures of his dog Kkami and wrote "Little Star" as a message to remind Kkomi that he is loved and remembered. Throughout the music video, you can see Hyunjin writing and capturing moments of Kkomi, which slowly pulls at your heartstrings. 


Love Me - ONEWE

Your Dog Loves You - Colde ft. Crush

Which song would you dedicate to you dog? Let us know in the comments! 



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