Boy Group LUMINOUS Releases Pre-Debut EP "Vision" and Music Video for 'Dreaming Luminous'

Boy Group LUMINOUS Releases Pre-Debut EP "Vision" and Music Video for 'Dreaming Luminous'

Four member rookie group LUMINOUS (abv. LMN) has released their pre-debut EP "Vision"  along with a fun and candid music video for the title song 'Dreaming Luminous'. Check out the music video below!

Luminous fans, it’s been a long time coming.
Luminous is now about to break the long silence and stand before the fans.
With the trembling hearts of Luminous members and the earnest hearts of the fans who have been waiting, the first song “DL” will be released.
This song is literally a song for the fans, a signal that marks the beginning of Luminous. 
We hope Luminous’ journey, which begins with the love of their fans, will be as sweet as a dream. 

-  BarunsonWIP Entertainment

The members, Suil, Youngbin, Steven and Woobin wrote the songs on the EP themselves. The group will have a showcase with their 1st mini album on Sept 1, 2021. Fans who want to attend the showcase must bring proof of Covid-19 vaccination. 

Listen to "Vision" EP

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