Korean Visual Rock Band Daylotus Releases Debut EP And Music Video


On August 6, Daylotus made their eagerly awaited debut with a stunning music video for "Vampire"a song off their six-track EP, Dadaism

The trio was formed in 2020 and has two vocalists, TOA and Ankimo, both who add their own unique color to the band. They're accompanied by their bassist, and youngest member, YushinPrior to the release of their album, the band garnered attention with covers of visual kei classics as well as a reputation for their friendliness on social media.

I asked vocalist Ankimo to tell me a bit about the album, about who and what inspired them while making Dadaism. It is an interesting album that blends many elements into something you just want to put on repeat to make sure you can experience them all. 

According to Ankimo the bands name, Daylotus, was an inspiration to them - a name that TOA and Ankimo came up with together. He also mentioned that the bands Issues and Beartooth were influences for them while they were making Dadaism although he says he doesn't think there's much in the album which sounds like either band. 

He says, 

It's our first album, but we've been doing music for a long time, so we've had a lot of influence maybe. In the future, we have many plans. Since I am in the position of making songs, my thoughts often go into it. What I want to say is that we are not limited to metalcore.

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