MNET Survival Show Girls Planet 999: Here Are The Top 5 Contestants So Far

Do you think these girls will make it into the debut group?

On August 6th 2021, MNET premiered its reality show Girls Planet 999. A show that brings together 99 contestants from China, Japan and South Korea, competing for one of nine spots in the debut lineup. Below is the list of five girls who have garnered the most attention for their impressive performances based on Youtube views.

5. Su Ruiqi

Nationality: Chinese
Company: ETM Skies
Age: 21

Fellow Cell Contestants: Ezaki Hikaru, Jeong Jiyoon

As a previous contestant on two Chinese survival shows, Produce 101 China and Produce Camp 2020, Su Ruiqi had amassed a sizeable fanbase and her current popularity continues to grow with each new episode. She debuted in the Chinese Girl, Chic Chilli, where is is still a member. On Girls Planet, she is known for her alluring visuals and caught everyone's attention with her solo performance of Chungha's Snapping during the first episode.

4. Sakamoto Mashiro

Nationality: Japanese
Company: 143 Entertainment
Age: 21

Fellow Cell Contestants: Kang Yeseo, Huang Xingqiao

Sakamoto Mashiro is well known for being a former JYP trainee. She had trained under the company for 2 years during which she participated in the MNET reality show, Stray Kids, with 4 members of the popular girl ITZY. She is admired by many fans of Girls Planet for not giving up on pursuing her dream, her kindness towards the other contestants as well as her incredible dancing skills as demonstrated in her performance of (G)I-DLE Dumdi Dumdi.

3. Choi Yujin

Nationality: Korean
Company: Cube Entertainment
Age: 25

Fellow Cell Contestants: May, Cai Bing

Arguably the most well known contestant prior to the commencement of the show, Choi Yujin is a member of the popular girl group CLC. CLC debuted under Cube entertainment in 2015 and have sold a cumulative 77 thousand albums according to the Gaon Albums Chart. Although not officially disbanded, Yujin confirmed on Girls Planet that CLC is on an indefinite hiatus. Yujin is known on the show for her adorable demeanour off stage and incredible leadership skills.

2. Ezaki Hikaru

Nationality: Japanese
Company: Avex Artist Academy
Age: 17

Fellow Cell Contestants: Su Ruiqi, Jeong Jiyoon

Ezaki Hikaru is a former member of the now disbanded duo +GANG. Her popularity on the show skyrocketed with her performance of Blackpink`s Boombayah. She impressed everyone with her sharp dance moves and facial expressions. Moreover she ranked first amongst all the Japanese contestants and impressed the judges with her audition, rapping to a Beenzino track after memorising all the lyrics in Korean.

1. Huening Bahiyyih

Nationality: South Korean
Company: Independent Trainee
Age: 17

Fellow Cell Contestants: Hsu Nientzu, Sakamoto Shihona 

Huening Bahiyyih is perhaps the most talked about contestant on Girls Planet. She is the only contestant on this list who has neither had survival show experience nor debuted in a group before. She is also one of the few contestants competing without an agency. To many Kpop fans, she is known for being the younger sister of Huening Kai and Huening Lea. Kai is a member of the popular boy group, Tomorrow by Together and Lea was a member of the now disbanded girl group VIVA. However, to her legion of loyal fans, Bahiyyih is known for her recently deleted Tiktok and Instagram accounts where she posted videos showcasing her adorable and fun personality as well as dance videos of herself and her dance crew members.

You can vote for your favourite contestants on the UNIVERSE App. The show airs every Friday 8PM KST on MNET`s YouTube Channel and on the IQYI App.

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