SG Entertainment Launches Company-Branded Webtoons

SG Entertainment launched the first of their series of webtoons on August 12 called "K-POP Company Insider" via Patreon and Naver Webtoon, first in English, followed  by localized content in Korean, Spanish, and French. Written by SG’s Art Director Quiandez “Gyu”  McAfee, “Kpop Company Insider” is a fictional tale bringing real staff members  of SG Entertainment, elements of K-pop, and details of the founding of the company into homes  internationally. 

The first issue has been released via Patreon and will be followed by Naver webtoon on August 19 with new episodes weekly. Future series include a webtoon about the future girl group “Alpha Ray” and additional plans to create an interconnected universe of content for fans to enjoy.  

Additionally, via Patreon, SG Entertainment will release behind-the-scenes content  including the webtoon OSTs, draft drawings, interviews, and podcasts providing consumers an  even closer look at the operations of SG Entertainment. One of the OST tracks will feature a trainee  operating within SG to provide a look of how SG Entertainment will approach the K-pop world. 

Physical and digital copies of the webtoon will later be made available via Amazon for ownership as well as OSTs being available for download at online music shops.  

These webtoons and the content that is attached to it represent a unique way to deliver content to fans. Our webtoon ecosystem acts to enhance our brand and our relationship to consumers. Fans can enjoy learning information about some real staff members as well as get glimpses into where SG Entertainment is planning to go into the future. 
Lastly, thanks to our vast distribution strategy, we are allowing our consumers to make the conscious decisions on how they would like to consume our content by providing a plethora of options to view our materials.

- Yasmine Benhaddi,  Marketing Director at SG Entertainment.

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