VOID Releases New Single "Escape"

VOID Releases New Single "Escape"

The band VOID released a brand new single, Escape, on September 24, with the music video for "Break Free" coming the following day. This is the band's first original release featuring Nia, who joined the band in 2020. "Break Away" is a brighter song than many of the band's previous tracks showcasing a softer side of VOID. Although the song is a bit of a change from their usual style it's as bingeable as all their work. 

Earlier this year VOID introduced their new vocalist through several videos of Nia singing their older songs and followed by releasing an nine track album featuring totally remastered and rerecorded versions of their songs. 

VOID originally debuted in 2018 with their album Neo Decadence, and released an additional single and album before parting ways with their original vocalist. Last August the band announced their new front man would be Nia, formerly known as L.Bin in the K-Pop group M.Crown whose members went on to populate several other groups following their disbandment shortly after their debut. 


L - R: J.Robyn, Nia, Shin, Suhyun

Nia: Vocals 

Robyn: Guitar

Suhyun: Bass

Shin: Drums 






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