10 Spooktacular K-Pop MVs To Watch This Halloween

I love Halloween, it's one of my favorite holidays, along with Valentine's Day. Although I am a bit of a softy, I love the spooky, but I am not a fan of horror or gore. K-Pop idols have been covering the bases of Halloween fun for years though, and you can find soft and spooky along with horror and gore! Here are some of my favorite spooky season music videos: 

1. Speed - Zombie Party

"Zombie Party" is one of my favorite Speed songs and, in my opinion, a K-Pop Halloween essential. I haven't gone a single Halloween without blasting this song since becoming a K-music fan. 

2. Pink Fantasy - Poison 

With their hidden member and dark themes Pink Fantasy has been capturing audiences attention since their debut in 2018 and with their excellent discorpohy they've been able to keep viewers coming back for more. "Poison" is probably my favorite release from the group. 

3. Cross Gene - Black or White

"Black or White" by Cross Gene definitely comes with some major trigger warnings including blood and depictions of violent deaths.  Although, typically my tastes lie outside of the gory side of Halloween this is one of my favorite releases. It's a cinematic experience to be sure. 

4. 1NB - Stalker

1NB's was recommended to me and I am really glad it was! This music video truly embodies the horror aspects of Halloween, and as such be warned of a little gore that may be upsetting to some people. I really enjoyed how creepy the music video for "Stalker" was, it kept me guessing and I am still not sure I totally understand what happened. 

5. Boyfriend - Witch

Boyfriend, who rebranded as BF earlier this year after disbanding in 2019, was no stranger to fantasy themed music videos. My personal favorite is "Witch". Not only is the song an earworm that'll have you singing, "Cause your body goes boom bara boom" under your breath for days but the music video is a fun experience all on it's own. 

6. Dreamcatcher - Chase Me

In 2017 Minx re-debuted with a new name and two additional members. Dreamcatcher quickly cemented their reputation as a group capable of successfully delivering darker concepts and it all started with their song "Chase Me". 

7. VAV - Under the Moonlight

For me, VAV's debut "Under the Moonlight" was love at first sight. I was absolutely enthralled by these boys, their music, and their concept's lore. Although VAV's concept and lineup has changed since their debut the group is still going strong and this year is their 6th anniversary. 

9. Purplekiss - Zombie 

"Zombie" is a fun and spooky time from Purple Kiss. This music video was also a recommendation I received and really enjoyed. Aside from the great song and the spooky music video, I really enjoyed the plaid skirts. They gave big Clueless vibes which I appreciated as any self respecting 90's baby would.  

10. SHINee - Married to the Music 

Speak of a spooky good time with excellent wardrobe and an amazing song "Married to the Music is another K-Pop Halloween essential. This song holds a special place in my heart as not only the exact kind of Halloween fun I am looking for but also for being my first SHINee comeback. 

There's certainly many more music videos that could be listed here, not to mention Halloween themed dance practices which could be an entire article on its own. So, let us know your favorite creepy K-Pop content! 


Beau is an underrated boy group and K-band enthusiast, and has been a K-music fan since 2015. You can find him on Twitter hyping his faves including their K-music ults Taewoon, Wonho, & VOID as well as a few of their fave J-bands like Leetspeak Monsters and Grimoire. Beau spends his non K-music related free time learning about history, theology, true crime and playing whatever game catches his attention at the moment.

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