Woo Taewoon and IONE Release Second Single "You Know"


Woo Taewoon and IONE have teamed up again to deliver their second collaborative single, "You Know". The former SPEED members released their first single together back in August shortly after IONE announced he was joining Million Market, making him and Taewoon label mates again. 
Although "You Know" was released in Korea on October 23, it has yet to hit international streaming platforms.

Both Taewoon and IONE took part in composing and writing the lyrics for "You Know" which has a softer feel than the duo's last release, "Vaccine" an upbeat song that reintroduced Taewoon, who had been on hiatus since 2016, to fans.

We look forward to finding out what else Taewoon and IONE have in store: both as a duo and as individual artists. 


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