11 Kpop Songs to Listen to on Pepero Day

pepero day

Pepero Day is a Korean tradition celebrated on November 11th, or 11/11. Pepero is the name of a popular chocolate-covered biscuit stick made by Lotte. It’s a snack that symbolizes togetherness and love, as the sticks are often given as gifts to significant others or friends. The pair of sticks resemble the number 11. 

Understandably Pepero or Pocky sticks sales pick up dramatically at convenience stores around this time! Some people even have fun making and decorating their own Pepero. Pepero Day s also used as an opportunity for couples to express their love for one another through Pepero Day rituals. Here are 11 songs to listen to on Pepero Day! 

1. Laboum - "Kiss Kiss" (2021)

Laboum has recently come back after 2 years with the sweet new song "Kiss Kiss." The lyrics  "I’m getting closer to your lips" is reminiscent of playing the Pepero game where it is possible to accidently kiss your partner. 

2. Lovelyz - "Candy Jelly Love" (2014) 

Released 7 years ago, "Candy Jelly Love" was Lovelyz debut song. Although the group is embarking on their own paths now, this song will always remain in the hearts of their fans. 

3. Girls' Generation "Kissing You" (2008)

A classic SNSD song about kissing your darling one. Any chance of this music video getting an upgrade for SM's remaster project? 

4. SNUPER - "Tulips"  (2018)

Now if you think about it, is "Tulips" a pun for "two lips"? "Tulips" is a sweet confession song, that compares their lover's lips to tulips. 

5. HyunA & DAWN - "Ping Pong" (2021)

A pair that goes together as peanut butter and jam, they proclaim their love for each other and advice everyone to "love somebody." 

6. ASTRO - "Baby" (2017)

A hopeful song that your crush feels the exact same as you. 

7. TWICE - "Fancy" (2019)

A song comparing love for someone special to sweet chocolate. 

8. GOT7 - "Stop Stop It" (2014)

An early GOT7 song about young love and confessing to a crush. If you don't stop being so charming he just might hug you! 

9. ATEEZ - "Inception" (2020)

If a guy makes a desperate confession of love like this, you wouldn't mind accepting his pepero right? 

10. B1A4 - "Sweet Girl" (2015) 

B1A4 sing about how perfect they believe their crush is. You could say she's as sweet as a pepero. 

11. BOA - "Kiss My Lips" (2015) 

A song about getting your crush to finally confess their feelings and well of course kiss your lips. 

These are just a few random songs, so what songs do you want to listen to on Pepero Day? Let us know! @KpopWise 

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