28 Songs to Cheer For Idols Taking the SAT

On November 18, Korean students took the Korean version of the SAT. The test is usually held on the third Thursday of every November. This year most of the students who took the test are born in the year 2003. Within the last three years, many idols born in 2003 have debuted, some of them have opted to take the exam this year. Check out this playlist of songs featuring idols born in 2003 to cheer for good results on their SAT exams! 

VERIVERY - "Trigger" 

TREASURE - "My Treasure" 

Rocket Punch - "Ring Ring" 

GHOST9 - "Up All Night" 

MCND - "Movin" 

fromis_9 - "Talk & Talk" 

Ciipher - "Blind" 

NewKidd - "Come" 

CRAXY - "Gaia" 

T1419 - "Flex" 

CRAVITY - "Gas Petal" 

woo!ah! - "Purple"

Pixy - "Addicted"

Saturday - "Only You" 

ENHYPEN - "Tamed-Dashed" 

P1HARMONY - "Scared" 

IZ*ZONE - "D-D-Dance" 

EPEX - "Do 4 Me"

Busters - "Paeonia" 

TRI.BE - "Would You Run" 

FANATICS - "Viva Girl" 

BLITZERS - "Hop In" 

PURPLE KISS - "Zombie" 

HOT ISSUE - "Icons" 

ITZY - "Loco" 

Mirae - "Splash" 

ICHILLIN' - "Fresh" 

STAYC - "Stereotype"

Ciera Reeves

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