Kim Su Yeon of Girls Planet 999 to Join Mystic Story's Rookie Girl Group Billlie

Kim Su Yeon who participated in the MNET survival show Girls Planet 999 will join the line-up of the rookie group Billlie

Mystic Story said on November 19, "Kim Su Yeon, who played an active role in Mnet Girls Planet 999: Girls' Daejeon, will change her name to SHEON (pronounced like Sean) and join Billlie as a member."

"After the Girls Planet 999 broadcast, I had a lot of trouble about whether or not SHEON joined and when, and I had an in-depth conversation with Billlie members including SHEON. As a result, SHEON received a lot of love through Girls Planet 999, so I decided to meet the fans as soon as possible and give back to the cheering. "

Mystic Story also said, "SHEON is concentrating on practice as her official debut is approaching its nose, and she is already forming a sticky teamwork with her members. The seven of them are now recording Billlie's next album. "

"SHEON was not part of Billlie's first mini-album, "The Village of Perception: Chapter One," but will greet fans first on a surprise stage. I would like to ask for your support and expectation for the synergy that SHEON will show with Siyoon, Tsuki, Suhyeon, Haram, Moon Sua and Haruna in the future. "

Check out Billlie's Debut MV "Ring x Ring" 

SHEON was 10th in the finale of  Girls Planet 999, which ended in October, and became a big hit among global fans. SHEON, who has a brilliant visual, is also excellent in dance as well as singing ability, as well as winning first place in the dance battle of Girls Planet 999. This made Billlie more clear of the team's strengths as a "complete-type girl group" with SHEON's joining. 

Billlie, the first K-POP project of Mystic Story, is an idol group created through Mystic's original artist incubation system, MYSTIC Innovation Camp.

Billlie is already forming a strong global fandom with a series of promotional love calls from South America, including Japan and Brazil, while they are focusing attention on K-pop fans by performing a blockbuster stage on various music broadcasts with their debut title song "Ring x Ring."

Stay tuned for SHEON's performance as a member of Billlie. 


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