Five Members of ONF to Simultaneously Enlist in the Military Next Month

WM Entertainment's boy group ONF made the announcement that five of its six members are set to enlist in the military together next month.


The group's two leaders (of their ON and OFF sub-units) J-Us and Hyojin shared handwritten letters on 2 November, announcing their upcoming enlistment and therefore hiatus of five of the group's six members.

E-Tion, Wyatt, and MK will be joining the leaders when they enlist in the military next month. The decision was made between the group's members that they wanted to minimise their hiatus time by completing their compulsory military service at the same time.

Japanese member U is not required to enlist in the military.

J-Us' letter stated that the decision was made after many, many conversations, with the intention of staying together as a six-member group for as much time as possible.

Hyojin's letter echoed similarly, stating that he felt so fortunate to be able to work hard and show Fuse's (ONF's fandom) so many things throughout the year.

He also mentioned his sadness and regret that the group would be halting their activities for eighteen months following the members' enlistment.

The enlistment dates for the members are December 21 for MK, December 27 for J-Us and Wyatt, finally Hyojin and E-tion will enlist on December 28. Time and location will remain private. 

ONF exploded into the K-pop scene following their appearance on Mnet's Road to Kingdom, and subsequently continued to rise with their hit title track "Beautiful Beautiful", which became the group's first song to enter the Gaon Digital Chart's top 10. Their most recent release, "Popping", became the group's first physical release to top 100,000 copies.

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