lyOns, Fandom of OnlyOneOf Creates Billboard Supporting Former Member Love

lyOns, Fandom of OnlyOneOf Creates Billboard Supporting Former Member Love

OnlyOneOf's fans, lyOns, created a billboard to showcase support of Park Jisung, (Love), who suddenly departed the group on August 2, 2021, as well as to call out the company 8D for the lack of finalization on the departure.  

The fandom feels that there were many egregious acts following the departure including;  banning of fancafe members for posting older images containing seven members. and refusing to give an update on the fan meeting that was never rescheduled despite stating they would do so.


Fans of the group have implored the company to give a proper explanation for the member exiting from the group for nearly three months now. Often idols leave goodbye messages on the fancafes or Instagram pages.

Fans are the hashtags #지성아_러브해 #lyOns_always_here_for_Love to voice their concerns. 

On November 1, 8D announced that the fansign for OnlyOneOf's latest release of songs written and produced by themselves uap2.0+Pb[myself], will be held on November 13 and 14 at 3 PM KST and video call events the same days at 5:30 KST. 

However, this announcement still leaves much to be desired from the fans. 

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