YG Entertainment Announces TREASURE Web Drama "The Mysterious Class"

YG Entertainment made a tweet just moments ago announcing that their rookie boy group TREASURE will be airing their second web drama very soon.

The web drama, called "The Mysterious Class", will begin airing at 10pm KST on Friday, November 12.

The announcement came along with a poster featuring a skull in the clouds over a building (which appears to be either a school or hospital).

It is currently unknown how long the drama will air for, but it is known to be for more than one episode.

"The Mysterious Class" won't be the group's first drama. Earlier in the year, they released "It's Okay, That's Friendship", which aired as part of the second season of their reality show "Treasure Map".

You can watch "It's Okay, That's Friendship" below:

The drama will feature eight episodes airing on the last eight Friday's of the year, with episodes dropping at 10pm each week. This includes episodes on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

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