Monthly Roundup November 2021: from20, Haebin, V.O.S, and Min

November was packed with many comebacks with the likes of 2AM, SF9, Hwasa, The Boyz, Oneus, B.I, Laboum, and TWICE and we saw the debuts of Billlie and ICHILLIN. Here are some picks for the month for you to check out if you haven't already!

from20 - "James Dean" 

Singer from20 has released his first full album, 20: Unexpected Journey of 20s along with the music video for the title "JAMES DEAN" on November 21, 2021. The self-produced song and self-directed music video show his vast range of creativity. His comments about the inspiration for the album:  

I think my 20s were full of worries about love, dreams, work, and reality. To be honest, it was more of a series of experiences, bumps, overcomings, realizations, and more than just 'good'. But in the end, after all, I have grown so much. I became an adult.

Haebin - "Swimming"

Former GUGUDAN member Haebin has released her 4th single, "Swimming" on November 18. About the song swimming: 

"For many people, the word 'love' tells different stories. "It's a warm story about loving, being loved, and wanting to be with anyone." "Swimming" is a story about "love" written by Haebin, expressing this kind of heart into the wide and deep sea." In the music video, Haebin's heart and mind are expressed as she walks through the fog.

V.O.S - "Just Break Up"

Ballad trio V.O.S has released a new single on November 21 called, "Just break Up," a song perfect for the fall/winter time. V.O.S' traditional ballad song lyrics "We can break up." "Yes, we can break up." I think that's better" shows how the tangled hearts only try to push each other away, and the difficulty of completely letting go of a relationship. 

Min - "Onion" 

Min formerly of the 2nd girl group MissA has finally made her solo debut with "Onion" on November 8, 2021. The English language song describes her as a multifaceted woman beyond the ideal image of a cute girl, is a person who curses, smokes, drinks, and is strange. Like an onion, she's a woman with layers. Check out the music video! 

Ciera Reeves

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