1iL Teases January Comeback With Runaway

1iL Teases January Comeback With Runaway

Singer and songwriter 1iL has released a brand new teaser for his early January comeback Runaway. The teaser features a bubblegum pink 1iL and an attention catching guitar. Previously known as Song Kyungil 1iL was a member, and leader of, the Kpop group HISTORY

The group unfortunately disbanded in 2017 after four years together. Luckily for fans of the former idol, 1iL isn't done with music yet; Runaway will be 1iL's third single and will be released January 3, 2022. 

1iL released his first single, Kurt Cobal1L in December 2020 titled and followed it a few months later with Netflix in February of 2020.  

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