[Readers' Choice] Your Top 10 Kpop Songs of 2021!

We've made it to the end of 2021, which means that it's time to review our favorite releases of the year! 

KpopWise asked you for a top 10 list of your favorite songs released in 2021. The main qualification was that the songs must have been released in 2021. The songs are not limited to title tracks.

After receiving your submissions, it is always interesting to see what favorite songs are the common denominators. 

Beginning with my personal list, I'll give a variety of 21 songs (get it?) that have significantly caught my attention. I had a difficult time narrowing down the songs as usual. I do not know if I am alone in this dilemma, but I tend to struggle with the issue of not listening to all of the songs by some artists that I was interested to hear from this year. 

I can not help but think of what I have potentially missed out on that will appeal to my taste. However, I could not let that hold me back and just went from what I knew. That being said, some of the songs from the half-time review have made the cut into the final selection.

The songs are not in any particular order. - Ciera (KW)

Monsta X - Gambler 

This song is very addicting and I haven't got enough of it since it was released. I find myself randomly reciting Jooheon's and IM's raps, even if i'm not "a handsome sum of money."

OnlyOneOf - night flight

OnlyOneOf is one of the most criminally underrated 4th gen boy groups, but that doesn't hide their immense talent. As one of their many self-produced tracks, 'night flight' is smooth easy listening at any time of the day. 

Wonho - Lose

There isn't more for me to say other than this sexy yet emotional song that Wonho pulls off in a way that only he can.

Sumni - Tail

Sunmi always delivers on her signature dynamic and sassy tracks that I never grow tired of listening to. 

SF9 - Tear Drop

They took several risks with this melancholy yet light and airy track that is very different from what they have done before much less other boy groups and in my opinion it worked. 

PIXY - Bewitched 

One of the best debuting groups of 2021, PIXY has been consistently giving what needs to be given. Their track Bewitched sounds fabulous in Korean or English. 

ONEUS - Black Mirror

ONEUS is known as a new generation master of concepts. They continue to show their versatility with their funky disco-inspired track 'Black Mirror' is fun with great energy. 

Purple Kiss - Zombie

Another great rookie group this year Purple Kiss released their follow-up song 'Zombie' that is also funky and fun, with an addictive repetition of the word zombie. 

Drippin - Young Blood 

I happened to hear this song by accident and to the delight of their fans on social media, I marveled at the production that hit just right for me. 

GWSN - I Can't Breath 

The way I feel about GWSN is about the same as I feel about OnlyOneOf --ridiculously underrated yet top-tier. The b-side, 'I Can't Breath' written by a couple of the members is a chic dance track you won't regret streaming. 

BDC - Moonlight 

Like Drippin' I wasn't expecting to get into their music as an old grumpy 2nd generation fan, but my curiosity lead me to check out this track and the dreamy retro sound won me over. 

KEEMBO - Inside 

KEEMBO being half of SPICA is certain to offer the vocals that we crave. A track produced by   SWEETUNE is also something K-pop hasn't had enough of lately. 

NCT 127 - Focus 

As a track off of NCT 127's 3rd album Sticker, 'Focus' is one of my favorites from the album. The song's production and vocals make me reminiscence the early 00's R&B, rap flow and all. 

Black Swan - Close to Me 

Multinational group Black Swan did not come to play around with 'Close to Me' with the "old Kpop" sound that makes this grumpy 2nd generation fan very happy. 

Chancellor - Midnight (feat Gaeko)

R&B singer and producer Chancellor released his full album after a long time and the title track Midnight is the MJ disco song that needs to be played at all parties, clubs, or if you have no social life, just alone in your room as I do.


I'm sure this is a popular opinion, but STAYC proved they are here to stay with the catchy and sugary 'ASAP.' 

Hyuna - I'm Not Cool 

Hyuna kicked off the early part of 2021 with 'I'm not Cool' serving the looks, moves, and denying everything she actually is in a song I can only describe as "desert trap"? 

Big Mama - One Day More

Big Mama the queens of vocals finally returned with new music as a complete group after 9 long years and for that reason alone deserves a spot on my recommendations. 

Pink Fantasy - Poison

This is a screamo rock-inspired track done right. Pink Fantasy brought the high energy, visuals, vocals, and moves to prove they are nothing to ignore. 

A.C.E - Higher 

A.C.E never fails to deliver in vocals, visuals, and choreography. This group is such powerful vocalists that the intense instrumentals of Higher come nowhere close to drowning their voices out. I can not wait until their military duties are fulfilled to get them back altogether again. 

Readers Choice__________________


  • Junny - Hide & Seek
  • from20 - James Dean
  • Woosung - Oh (feat. Ashley) 
  • Jinyoung - Dive
  • Jvde Milez - Horizon Line
  • Wild Idol - Answer
  • Hyuna and Dawn - Ping Pong
  • Kai - Blue
  • CL - Tie a Cherry 
  • Andnew - Sunset Surf


  • Taemin - Advice
  • WSJN - Unnatural
  • N.Flying - Moonshot
  • Moon Jong Up - US
  • Dreamcatcher - Odd Eye
  • Monsta X - Gambler
  • TXT - 0x1=Lovesong
  • SHINee - Don't Call Me
  • Seventeen - Ready for Love
  • Omega X - Vamos


  • Bang Yong Guk - Race
  • CIX - Cinema
  • Seventeen - Rock With You
  • Weekly -   After School
  • A.C.E - Changer
  • NCT Dream - Life is Still Going On
  • Astro - After Midnight
  • Enhypen - Fever 
  • Kang Daniel - Paranoia 
  • B.I - Illa Illa


  • Corbyn - Dante’s Valley
  • Seventeen - Rock With You
  • Rocket Punch - Ring Ring 
  • RAVI - Flower Garden
  • Yuqi ((G)-I-DLE) - Giant
  • Gaho - Right Now
  • Kim Jaehwan - I Wouldn’t Look For You
  • EXO - Don’t Fight The Feeling
  •  Pink Fantasy - Poison
  • 777 - Presente


  • BZ-BOYS - Burn it Up
  • Wow - To My Ex
  • Dongkiz - Universe
  • COiBLEN - Loop
  • GreatGuys - Touch by Touch
  • Checkmate - You
  • OnlyOneOf - ? (questiOn mark)
  • Purple Kiss - Zombie
  • Minzy - Te Amo
  • Girlkind - Good Vibes Only


  • ONF - Beautiful Beautiful
  • Pinkfantasy - Poison
  • Key - Bad Love
  • N.O.M - Mega Punch
  • G-reyish - Blood Night
  • Wonho - Lose
  • T-Ara - All Kill
  • E'Last - Dark Dream
  • BAE173 - Loved You
  • Bang Yongguk - Race


  • Verivery - Heart Attack
  • Verivery - Trigger
  • 7 LOVE Minutes(gp999) - U+Me=LOVE
  • woo!ah! - Pandora
  • fromis_9 - We Go
  • Golden Child - Round N Round
  • Yukika - Insomnia
  • MIRAE - We Are Future
  • GHOST9 - Starvoy
  • Billlie - flipp!ng a coin


  • CIX - Cinema
  • Drippin - Young Blood
  • Fromis_9 - We Go
  • Dreamcatcher - Odd Eye
  • NCT Dream - Hot Sauce
  • Yuqi ( G-Idle) - Bonnie & Clyde
  • CRAVITY - Call My Name 
  • SHINee - Atlantis
  • Purple Kiss - Zombie
  • ONF - The Realist

Thank you to everyone who gave us your submissions and Happy New Year! 

Ciera Reeves

Ciera is the founder of KpopWise. She has been a fan of Korean pop culture since 2005 and writing about it since 2009. Her bias groups are VIXX and OnlyOneOf. She is a 2nd-3rd generation K-pop fan, but she is actively keeping up with the current artists. twitter instagram

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