Mysterious Boy Group HDnG Debuts with First Single "4SHADOWS"

On December 25, 4 member boy group HDnG has made their official debut with the single "4SHADOWS."

HDnG of (HIDnGem) is an lore-intensive based boy group from MCs Labs, with the unique concept of "card game of shadows."  

The members include: 

ROARS: Leader, Main Vocal, Lead Rapper
AIRSON: Lead Vocal
GOLDENAGE: Lead vocal, Main Dancer
X: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer

The song 4SHADOWS introduces the members or shall we say shadows to us. The members' vocals uniquely stand apart from each other fully expressing the personas of their characters without actually physically seeing them. They aim to master many different dialects.

Check out the mysterious music video for "4SHADOWS" here! 

The staff expresses that since they are a small rookie group, they appreciate all the interest that they can receive from fans, so don't hesitate to show your love for the concept and world building of HDnG! HDnG and their company are interactive with the fandom PRYSMA. 

Follow their social media accounts and read the Miraheze page to learn and follow along with their lore so far and upcoming developments. 

Follow HDnG 

Twitter: @OfficialHDnG

Instagram: @OfficialHDnG

Tiktok: @OfficialHDnG

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