SM Entertainment Announces New Female Supergroup "Girls On Top"

Already being seen as SM's female equivalent to SuperM, Girls On Top will feature some of SM's biggest female artists.

Who are the Girls On Top members?

Girls On Top is set to be a seven-piece girl group that will feature soloist BoA, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and Hyoyeon, Red Velvet's Seulgi and Wendy, and Aespa's Winter and Karina.

The Hallyu Legends BoA and Girls Generation

Thirty-five year old BoA debuted under SM Entertainment back in August of 2000, and was scouted at her own brother's audition for the company. Having been in the South Korean music industry for more than two decades, she is arguably one of the most recognisable faces in K-pop.

Thirty-two year old Taeyeon debuted in SM Entertainment's girl group Girls' Generation (SNSD) back in 2007. Girls' Generation was arguably one of the biggest names in K-pop back in the late 2000's and early 2010's, helping to spread the Hallyu wave around the world. She made her official debut as a soloist back in 2015.

Thirty-two year old Hyoyeon was also a member of Girls' Generation, making her debut in 2007. Prior to becoming a member of the group, she worked with Janet Jackson's choreographer, and was a silhouette dancer for BoA during a performance at the Mnet KM Music Festival in 2005. She made her official debut as a soloist back in 2016.

Versatile Queens Red Velvet 

Twenty-seven year old Seulgi began her career as a trainee at SM in 2007, when she was cast from a public audition. Seulgi has been a member of SM girl group Red Velvet since debut in 2014. She is also a member of Red Velvet sub-unit Irene & Seulgi, which formed in 2020. She will also feature on Bam Bam's upcoming pre-release single "Who are You" set to release December 28, 2021.

Twenty-seven year old Wendy has been a member of Red Velvet since their debut back in 2014. She recently had to take a year-long hiatus following a major accident when she fell off stage during rehearsals for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon, where she suffered fractures in her wrist, pelvis, and received several facial injuries. Wendy debut as a soloist with the mini album "Like Water" earlier this year in April.

Leaders of the New Generation Aespa

Twenty-one year old Karina is a member of SM's monster rookie girl group Aespa, which made their debut late in 2020. She trained for a total of four years prior to her debut, and, apart from appearing in Taemin's music video for "Want", this marks her first project extracurricular to Aespa.

Twenty year old Winter (who is set to turn twenty-one on the day of Girls On Top's first stage performance), is also another member of SM's rookie girl group Aespa. Winter also trained for a total of four year prior to her debut. Many fans of Aespa have compared her looks to that of Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, who is also a member of Girls On Top.

The group is set to make its debut with a special stage on New Year's Day, which is expected to be a part of SM's free online concert SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA.

The group will also release its first original song at 6:00 p.m. KST on January 3.

Are you excited for SM's new supergroup Girls On Top? Who are you the most excited to see at SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA? Let us know by commenting on our socials @KpopWise.

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