Treasure Surprise Teume With a New Music Video for Christmas

The official TREASURE YouTube channel released the Christmas-inspired music video for their newest song "BFF" (standing for "Best Friend Forever"), which aired as part of the fifth episode of their currently airing web drama "The Mysterious Class".

The music video came as a complete surprise for Teume - TREASURE's fandom - who were given no warning that anything would be dropping.

Teume are still awaiting an official TREASURE comeback which has now been teased for almost two months, but is still yet to be officially announced.

The YG rookie group, who swept multiple rookie of the year awards during last year's award season, last had a comeback with "My Treasure", which was released on January 11. Their unexpected musical hiatus, which has now gone for 348 days (almost a year), has frustrated the fandom greatly.

However, members have been informing fans of a comeback still to come, have dyed their hair, and even mentioned filming a music video for a comeback in their latest vlog series, "TMI_LOG".

Episodes of "The Mysterious Class" continue to air at 10:00 p.m. KST on Friday's on their official YouTube channel, with the seventh episode airing tonight, and the eighth episode and series finale airing on New Year's Eve.

You can watch the music video for "BFF" below:

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