Band Class #1: Meet Vital Degree

L - R: Schevy Kim, Artz, Dong Cheon

Finding new artists as an international fan of Korean music can be hard. Most of what's pushed to us are Kpop groups and other Korean artists who are featured on music shows. That makes sense, they're practically being delivered to us even if we have to work a little bit to find streams of our favorite weekly music show. Meanwhile, plenty of artists are overlooked by international fans because they simply don't know realize these artists are out there. 

So, hopefully our new series Band Class will help enlighten international fans to the abundance of Korean bands out there. It is honestly a bit like falling down a musical rabbit hole, before you know it you have more favorite bands than you know what do with. 

Our first Band Class focus will be Vital Degree, currently a three member band which debuted in March 2021 with their single, Requiem V. Then in July 2021 Vital Degree released their second single Cog

Meet the band: 

Schevy Kim: Leader, Guitar, Composer 

Dong Cheon: Lead Vocalist

Artz: Bass, Artwork Designer

How did Vital Degree get their name? 
"The conclusion of this story is a combinated [sic] with water brand name <Vital>+ a word of Dream Theater's album title<Degree>.
Schevy likes the band name <Vital Degree> even though he decided to change the music style : progressive metal -> visualized K- metal."

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