Star Empire Announces Contract with IMFACT Has Ended

On January 4, 2021 Star Empire announced that their contract with 5 member boy group IMFACT has officially ended. 

Star Empire stated;

First thank you to the fans for always sending us a lot of cheers and love. IMFACT a group that debuted in 2016 and has been together for the past seven years, exclusive contract has been terminated. After a heavy discussion, we agreed it was a good idea not to proceed with the re-contract. Sincerely to all members of IMFACT who have been with us, we express our gratitude and cheer for their way as we walk forward. Thank you. 


While earlier on January 3, Ungjae, Jeup, and Sang took to their Instagram accounts, while Jian wrote in the fan cafe messages about the ending of their contracts with the company and thanked the CEO and fans for the support they received as a group. 

Jeup, Taeho, Jian, Sang, and Ungjae debuted as IMFACT in January 2016 with the single "Lollipop" and has released songs such as "The Light," 'Nanana," "Only U," and "Lie."  Over the last seven years, the members were regarded for their singing, rapping, and producing talents.  

Taeho has been active as a solo singer and enlisted in the Korean military on December 14. Sang has been active as an actor. Ungjae is co-founder of The Faker Club company along with former Bigstar member Raehwan now known as from20

We look forward to what the members have in store for the future. For more news about them, keep following KpopWise! 

Ciera Reeves

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