Choi Yujin Comes to Rise as the Leader of Kep1er?

Choi Yujin who many now know as Kep1er's leader is also a member of CLC.

Choi Yujin in KEP1ER vs jn CLC

The group which had made it's debut in 2015 with it's song "Pepe", was under Cube Entertainment until the group went extremely silent. It is was revealed then that it was actually dismissed, when it's member Choi Yujin made an appearance on a survival show Girl's Planet 999 as a contestant.

Netizens Pull Through for Yujin

The news had left many Netizens in utter shock. In fact, many Kpop fans, who weren't supporting CLC before, came forward in support of Yujin. Especially after Fu Yaning (a Chinese trainee on the show) dissed Yujin, the actual roar erupted on social media. Throughout the show, Yujin was highly supported. She received 428,967 votes on the show's final episode. The winners of the show debuted under the group name Kep1er and Yujin was made the leader.

Kep1er made its debut in 2022 with the song "WA DA DA". The group constituents of 9 members. The final lineup was announced on October 22nd with the survival show's (Girl planet 999) final episode. The girl group is managed under SWING Entertainment and WAKE UP Entertainment.

Now Yujin Receives love as the Leader of Kep1er 

Kep1er's "Wa Da Da" grew with immense fame just with it's release, the music video now has 42 million views and the group  won three awards on music bank, which is astonishing as the group has just made its debut. many  netizens are thrilled to know that Yujin is finally receiving the acknowledgement she deserved whilst some do show disappointment that CLC did not receive the same attention.

Nonetheless, Kpop fans have come to love Yujin. A video of Yujin crying on receiving Kep1er's first win has been viral. Though, netizens are  relief to see her joyful presence on stage.

Kpopwise wishes all best for Yujin's future! What are your thoughts about Kep1er's debut? Are you a fan Choi Yujin? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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