Cho Hyung Woo Releases Album Produced Entirely At Home


On January 10, Singer-Songwriter Cho Hyung Woo has released his latest EP album Made From Home. 

In an interview with KpopWise last year, Hyung Woo expressed that he was going to work on an album with the concept of being produced from his home. Hyung Woo proved to be a man of his world as that album has been released! He wants the album to be a comfort to people during this difficult time of the pandemic while spending more time at home.

About the album Hyun Woo commented, 

"The title songs are 'Be My Guest' on track 2 and 'Sunset' on track 5. I picked a song that people around me responded to well and a song that I personally like the most as the title. 🙂

When writing the lyrics for track 5 'Sunset', I got a little inspiration from @just__write writer Oh Hwi-myeong's words, and after asking the writer's permission, I wrote a line of lyrics. I plan to upload the workbook later, but first of all, I would like to express my gratitude to writer Oh Hwi-myeong. " 

Check out the album below!

The behind the scenes process of making of the songs are also available to view. Check out the first episode here. 

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